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“What do Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden have in common? They both have friends who bombed the Pentagon.”

“We have an entire political party and left-wing ideological apparatus that’s already trying to destroy the country, even before they get into power! Imagine what they will do if they succeed.”

“I have always resented this notion that everything in America has to be tailored to a bunch of people who wouldn’t have an opinion if it would save their lives because they don’t want to offend anybody.”

“Going after moderates and independents is a way to secure our defeat, because doing so prevents us from being who we are, and we end up being like Obama, presenting a picture of ourselves that isn’t true.”

“You win elections by firing up the people who are for you. You do not win elections by assuming those people are going to be there and then go attract a bunch of mush brains on the basis that they don’t like partisanship.”

“The market plunge that the bailout was supposed to prevent happened, right? It happened yesterday, and guess what’s going on yesterday and today? Congress is conducting hearings grilling Wall Street CEOs! It’s too rich.”

“The couple parodied in this Saturday Night Live sketch, Herbert and Marion Sandler, started the company that ended up being sold to Wachovia — subprime mortgages, worthless mortgages — for $24.2 billion.”

“Humor is a fabulous way to be persuasive.”

“It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of the liberal concept of ‘fairness’ in being a motivation for what they do. And, of course, who’s opposed to fairness? It’s sort of like the environmentalist wackos claim all they’re doing is trying to get clean water and clean air and save the planet. Well, who opposes those things?”

“Moderates and independents are the people that fall prey to the phony premise of fairness put forth by the Democrats. They are linguini-spined liberals in waiting.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“If you have a job in the private sector, the industry in which you work is being targeted by the Democrat Party and Barack Obama.”

“Every conservative knew that Obama’s policies were destined to fail in terms of whether or not it’s good for the country, but it just wasn’t polite to say so.”

“Anyone in their right mind who would like to improve health care delivery or make it more efficient, more affordable, would not say health care reform is at risk. They would say dumping this abomination would be step one in really reforming health care.”

“I am a proud holder of an MA degree, stands for master of analogies. What I do on this broadcast is create theater of the mind. That’s what a really, really good radio announcer does. There are no pictures in radio. You paint them for the audience.”

“Every element of the private sector except that which Obama owns is in the crosshairs. And you see what happens when Obama takes ’em over. When Obama runs ’em he runs ’em into the ground. It does not work out.”

“Harry Belafonte not a fan of Barack Obama. I wonder if the Drive-By Media will question medical conditions he may have suffered and whether he’s lost his mind as well.”

“I would not be surprised if somewhere down the road somebody in the Democrat Party proposes making Haiti a state.”

“The only problem with the world is the unequal distribution of capitalism.”

“You’ll find where there is not capitalism and free markets that you have tyranny, slavery, oppression, dungeons. The history of the world is the abuse of human beings by tyrants, both in government and outside of government. The history of the world is not pretty for the human condition. The United States however is the exception.”

“All of you people on the left who say we’ll lose health care reform if Brown wins, no, we’re going to lose bad health care reform.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“If Obama treated the post office like everything else, he’d propose adding Sunday delivery and then adding 30 million new customers.”

“I want to know where all the Republicans are backing up and defending Jim Bunning. He is articulating the number one, or at least it’s in the top five, Republican campaign issues this November. Where are they?”

“Look at this program as a classroom, ladies and gentlemen. Look at me as not a professor, but as a teacher, and ask yourself how much does it cost you to come here and learn every day? How much do you have to pay for the textbook? How much lunch money does it require for you to come here and learn?”

“There seems to be, with certain people in certain professions that have certain worldviews, a genuine lack of knowledge about basic economics 101.”

“If you have — and most Americans fit this category — a benefit at work that pays for a portion or all of your health care, you are not technically insured. Your company is insuring you. You have coverage. Somebody other than you is paying for it.”

“The ability to pay the bill has absolutely no relationship to the cost of the service in this country, and that’s because there are too many people in the middle who are benefiting financially and politically by being there.”

“It was President Obama who lauded the whole concept of paygo, and Harry Reid has lauded the whole concept of paygo. I mean every bit of ammo for Bunning to have some defense in there from his colleagues is just waiting to be used.”

“If you have access to a service that you don’t think you’re paying for, then you’re not going to care what it costs, and if you have a bunch of politicians pounding into your head every day that you are entitled to that, then by God you’re going to expect it.”

“If you tax more of something, you’re going to get less of it. If you tax something less, you’re going to get more of it. Economics 101. Free market 101.”

“I am not going to sit down with a pair of scissors and a newspaper. If you do it, more power to you, God love you, God bless you. I’m not a coupon guy.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“If you hate your insurance company, you’ve gotta understand that the biggest and the worst is the United States government — Medicare, Medicaid, S-CHIP, VA — and Barack Obama runs it.”

“I’m wondering how much of the stimulus package, the Porkulus package is being parceled out this week by Nancy Pelosi to buy votes in the House of Representatives for the Senate health care bill. It’s a good thing that money wasn’t wasted on shovel-ready jobs and infrastructure.”

“We want loose cannon kooks like Eric Massa in the Democratic Party! We don’t want him outta there. This guy, folks, we’re talking eel, snake-like kind of slime here.”

“If I have to get thrown into this massive government health care insurance business and end up going to the driver’s license office every day when I need to go to the doctor, yeah, I’ll go to Costa Rica for treatment, not move there.”

“Karl Rove’s new book is out today. It’s called Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight. Matt Lauer on the Today show practically needed a seat belt to keep from coming out of his seat and attacking Karl Rove over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and a bunch of other stuff.”

“Going green, Obama’s signature energy policy loses jobs, raises prices, and will cause even more unemployment. We gotta do it, though, to save the planet.”

“The stories about Democrats and their hypocrisy are legion. We need to defeat them. I don’t mean in their districts, although it would be nice, I’m talking about defeating them in Washington, in the Senate and in the House.”

“There is an area in US foreign policy that Obama is really, really botching, and he doesn’t care, or doesn’t appear to be, and that is Iran.”

“I have always said to all of you that the sports media in America is as liberal, leftist, and closed-minded as is the news media.”

“If they pass the Senate bill, that’s all, folks. They’re going to take it up to Obama and he’s going to sign it.”

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