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“McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton longer than we’ve been in Iraq, and never gave up. Obama wasn’t in the Senate for two years, and got bored.”

“If Obama maintains his lead and they find a way on the Clinton side to steal the nomination — and that’s a 50-50 proposition or greater — I’m having dreams about what Denver is going to look like during the Democrat National Convention. I’m literally having dreams about it.”

“If I were the Democrats, I wouldn’t be trying to push Hillary out of the way right now because the more we learn about Obama, the more problematic it becomes for him.”

“If you think that all of these efforts to wipe out pollution and climate change are not affecting the cost of food, then you need to wake up and understand that everything is related.”

“Obama bowled a 37! If Gerald Ford had gone bowling and bowled a 37, he would be the butt of endless jokes, same thing with any Republican.”

“If you want immediate relief at the pump on the price of gasoline, have the government cut taxes, or eliminate them for six months, two months, or what have you. You could do it overnight and do it just like that. But the government will never, ever, do with less.”

“The Drive-By Media is now suggesting that we are taking casualties as part of Operation Chaos. This is what the enemy does in all wars, ladies and gentlemen, propaganda, an attempt to dispirit the commander and the troops.”

“Do not think Operation Chaos is backfiring. The exact opposite, my friends, is happening. The Drive-Bys meet every morning, trying to figure out how not to credit us for our success. Stay strong. Stay firm.”

“I’m an American first, a conservative second, and a Republican third.”

“I’m surprised it’s taken this long for the Drive-Bys to start this propaganda machine of theirs, to suggest that Operation Chaos is actually becoming a liability to the Republican Party.”

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