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“You don’t get away with calling America’s Truth Detector a liar.”

“I have to tell you a little short story. A good friend of mine’s secretary showed up at the front door. She had a box from my friend, and it had three pairs of David Ledbetter golf shorts in it.I said, ‘Oh, this is awfully sweet.'”

“People ask me all the time, ‘Rush, what’s your favorite part of your job?’ It’s hard to say; I like it all. But the thing that the most fun, I guess, is how I irritate these liberals and Democrats.”

“The McCain campaign is imploding because of illegal immigration. When you have the courage to get in bed with Ted Kennedy and you seek the Republican nomination, somebody needs to stop you from getting in bed with Ted Kennedy.”

“Rather than fix the standard dinner last night, I saw the potato chip bag and I said, ‘What the hell.’ I ripped the thing open and got some dip… it wasn’t worth it.”

“Snerdley is sitting here still stunned and amazed that I would advise the previous caller to skedaddle from his date. He said, ‘I can’t believe that guy would let Algore and a movie stand in the way of a babe.’ I said, ‘That’s exactly the babe trap.'”

“Michael Moore denied CNN permission to tape more of their interview and use it later because — get this — he was afraid they might take it out of context. Yep, a propaganda movie maker afraid that he’s going to be taken out of context on CNN.”

“The news on smoking is, ‘It’ll kill you, it’s stupid, it’s dumb.’ Well, smokers deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor because they are single-handedly funding children’s health care.”

“We all know that muscles are not what really draws women to men. I mean, the evidence is all over the place. There are plenty of flabby, worthless, ugliest-people-you’ve-ever-seen, and they have babes draped all over them.”

“Treason to a liberal is not supporting the enemy trying to kill us.”


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