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“Obama screwed up. He said fatherhood ‘doesn’t end at conception.’ That’s a very pro-life statement. He didn’t say fatherhood doesn’t end at birth.”

“Greg Craig, a well-known impeachment lawyer, well-known Clinton backer, the lawyer who secured for Fidel Castro the return rights to Elian Gonzales, has defected from Clinton, Inc. This is big. He has gone over to camp Obama.”

“I have to think that some military families vice president sent letters to their congressmen complaining about the conditions at Walter Reed. I don’t know it, but it strikes me that people write their congressmen all the time for a whole bunch of reasons. Why would they not about this? Yet these guys run around and act like they’re totally shocked and stunned. They can’t believe what happened.”

“I, single-handedly, am on a mission to blow this whole global warming thing out of the water, because it’s just another giant lib hoax — and at the end of it (if it works), you’re going to be paying higher taxes and your kids are going to be paying higher taxes and you’re going to have all kinds of big government are regulations telling you what you can and can’t drive, can and can’t eat, where you can and can’t live.”

“I believe overall in humanity. I believe in individuals — and I believe in rugged individuals. I think all individuals have the ability to overcome obstacles in life, whatever they are, and we all face them.”

“Hate doesn’t do anybody any good. It doesn’t. It’s not a motivator. It doesn’t inspire. It just enrages and angers and paralyzes.”

“Everybody’s in Selma, and the Breck Girl goes out to Berkeley and equates a janitors strike with what went on there 43 years ago!”

“There is free speech out there, and there is no question you can say what you want to say and you should be able to when you want to say it, but you can’t because of political correctness.”

“The Drive-Bys totally give Bill Maher a pass for wishing that Dick Cheney were dead, saying that more people would be alive were that the case.”

“Politics is showbiz for the ugly. There’s a reason politicians are not actors, because they’re not that good at it. Plus, who would pay to look at any of them on the big screen doing anything?”


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