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“The biggest complaint I get about callers is, ‘Why do you even take them? All they do is slow the showdown! They slow the pace down. Here you’re ratcheting up and you’re going and you get a call, “Hi, Rush. I milked the cow this morning before I called you. She loves you, too.” Why do you do that?’ Because I invite these people to call. I think it’s fun.”

“These Duke guys’ lives have been ruined. If they did it, they should go to jail. If they didn’t do it, they still have been jailed to a certain degree. I hope they sue. I hope they sue Nifong, the investigators, the university, and everybody else in a civil case.”

“Tim Russert is a star witness in the Valerie Plame Case. His testimony will prove that Scooter Libby lied. But the original leaker was known all along: it was Richard Armitage, and there was no crime because she wasn’t covert.”

“My show has always run the gamut. This show is not politics wall-to-wall and if it ever got to be that, I would get bored. This is about me doing a show I want to do and being happy in the process, and I love to share the things in my life that I enjoy.”

“We all make the mistake of wanting to please the people. Generally, you lead the people, because you can’t please everybody. When you start trying to please everybody, you bomb. You literally will bomb.”

“Folks, ’24’ is one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen. You can’t get up from your chair. The action is riveting, the plot twists. You can watch it or not, but I don’t know how if you start it you can stop it.”

“Some people are snobs and some people aren’t, and if they’re snobs, you can’t change them. We have snobs just like we have nice people.”

“They surveyed some college campus people, kids, students, and most of them don’t really know all that much about Martin Luther King. There’s bad news. It’s not a surprise to me, of course.”

“I can’t believe the Supreme Court hasn’t put a stop to these executions, these hangings, in Iraq — especially if they’re going bad and humiliating the victims. We haven’t heard a word from John Paul Stevens or Ruth ‘Buzzi’ Ginsberg or Mr. Foreign Law himself, Stephen Breyer. What good are they?”

“John Edwards, the Breck Girl, was very courageous and had a lot of guts yesterday: he went into New York to slam Hillary while she’s in Iraq.”


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