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“If the Republicans had just waited and tried to save Barbaro instead of Terri Schiavo, do you realize how things could be different in Washington today? What a political miscalculation!”

“That is a great story: ‘The horse’s last meal was grass.’ Probably was the horse’s first meal, too. And probably every meal in between. Maybe some hay thrown in.”

“Hillary Clinton will say whatever she has to say to get elected. She’ll lie, she’ll change her mind, and the press as her propagandist will let her get away with it. She is not the smartest woman in the world. She is a political hack.”

“Half of that anti-war crowd last weekend was on Prep H. The other half were wearing diapers.”

“There are official diplomat shoes. Everybody I’ve ever seen in any kind of official Washington bureaucracy wears these shoes. I don’t know where to go get them, though…There’s probably a diplomat shoe store somewhere.”

“There are rare occasions in which I wish we had a Dittocam on the other side of the glass so you could see how one little statement by me causes a massive argument to take place.”

“The next time you hear the words ‘The people spoke in 2006,’ remember this: you are not being told what the message of the people was. You are listening to political ventriloquists putting their words into your mouth.”

“Muslims can’t turn their back or face Mecca when they use the bathroom? What do they do in an airplane — go to the cockpit and say, ‘I have some box cutters and if you don’t turn this airplane 45 degrees for the next two minutes I’m going to hijack you’?”

“Isn’t it interesting, folks, that Jane Fonda comes out of piddling for the last 34 years to lead the anti-war movement again? Can we get a new face? We’re all tired of Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, and whoever the hell else. What’s his name? Tim Robbins.”

“For you people in Rio Linda, ‘suffrage’ doesn’t mean suffering and all that. Suffrage is the right to go vote. Look it up. There’s no ‘e’ in it.”


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