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RUSH: The New York Times is not happy, by the way, with Obama and his incompetence, his positions on Iraq. ‘New and Not Improved,’ is what it’s called. This is their July Fourth lead editorial. ‘Senator Barack Obama stirred his legions of supporters, and raised our hopes, promising to change the old order of things. … Now there seems to be a new Barack Obama on the hustings. First, he broke his promise to try to keep both major parties within public-financing limits for the general election. … The new Barack Obama has abandoned his vow to filibuster an electronic wiretapping bill if it includes an immunity clause for telecommunications companies that amounts to a sanctioned cover-up of Mr. Bush’s unlawful eavesdropping after 9/11. … The Barack Obama of the primary season used to brag that he would stand before interest groups and tell them tough truths. The new Mr. Obama tells evangelical Christians that he wants to expand President Bush’s policy of funneling public money for social spending to religious-based organizations — a policy that violates the separation of church and state and turns a government function into a charitable donation. Mr. Obama endorsed the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the District of Columbia’s gun-control law. We knew he ascribed to the anti-gun-control groups’ misreading of the Constitution as implying an individual right to bear arms. But it was distressing to see him declare that the court provided a guide to ‘reasonable regulations enacted by local communities to keep their streets safe.’ … We were equally distressed by Mr. Obama’s criticism of the Supreme Court’s barring the death penalty for crimes that do not involve murder. We are not shocked when a candidate moves to the center for the general election. But Mr. Obama’s shifts are striking because he was the candidate who proposed to change the face of politics, the man of passionate convictions who did not play old political games.’

I can’t believe these people in the New York Times fell for any of this. I know: What is wrong with this picture? The Fourth of July, Independence Day, the New York Times writing about The Messiah as ‘new and not improved,’ and get this. If you think conservatism is cracking up, the lead editorial in the New York Times on July Fourth rips Obama a new one. I just gave you the highlights. They basically just destroyed his whole image of Messiah and change agent and all that, and the same weekend, the New York Times’ Sunday Magazine runs a piece about me saying, ‘Look out, Limbaugh is just getting warmed up. If you thought the last 20 years were something, wait ’til you hear the next eight.’ Now, what’s wrong with that picture? I’m surprised that they didn’t criticize his cheap airplane, too. That’s the one thing they left out of this. But I guess maybe they hadn’t seen it. There’s a hilarious story also in the Denver Post about the status of the Democrat convention in Denver coming up.

‘Obama Struggles to Thread Needle on Iraq.’ This is from the French News Agency. You know, you would think that this guy, his campaign would come up with a consistent lie by now. At least if you’re going to lie about it, come up with a consistent lie you can stick with, but they’re boomeranging all over the place.

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