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RUSH: Bill in Denver, I’m glad you called. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Rush, thank you very much —

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: — and for all that you are doing against the onerous manmade global warming hoax. I’m very frustrated over the energy bill, and that the president signed it, and we seem to be losing the battle against manmade global warming hoax. I’m very frustrated about it, and I’ve had some dialogue with a NASA scientist. Dr. Spencer probably knows him, and I just wanted to share some thoughts at some point with you on that.

RUSH: Wait, wait. Hold it. I’m having trouble hearing you. Wait, wait, wait. I need read what you just said. (reading back)

CALLER: There’s a scientist, an acquaintance of mine that I’ve had an ongoing debate with over this whole global warming issue. He’s in Goddard. Here’s in Maryland, not down in Alabama, like Dr. Spencer, and he sent me an e-mail yesterday, and he said, ‘You are among a rapidly diminishing group of climate change deniers. Even President Bush has agreed for the last year or so that man is causing the climate to warm due to increasing greenhouse gases and that we need to do something about it.’

RUSH: Hang on just a second. Just a second. So the scientist you’re talking to is in the tank for the hoax? Is that what you’re saying?

CALLER: And he’s been doing it for 30 years. He’s been on ABC News This Week. He’s been on quoted in Associated Press.

RUSH: What’s the guy’s name?

CALLER: We know him because we live near each other or, you know, we have a common neighborhood.

RUSH: What is his name?

CALLER: Well, it’s Dr. Zwally, and I’m sure Dr. Spencer knows him, and he’s proud of the fact that he worked with Algore extensively and he’s been working since 1972 on it, and we’ve had an ongoing debate on this issue, and he just feels like we’re winning. He said, ‘The scientific truth, as inconvenient as it may be, is becoming more and more evident.’

RUSH: Hold it. Let’s get to your original contention, which I find interesting, that we are losing the battle against global warming legislatively. I’ve always had this fear. I think we are changing hearts and minds dramatically on the issue but legislatively? This energy bill is a classic cave to the hoax. It is a hundred percent classic cave to the hoax. What happened in Bali has been so misrepresented. Bali was a failure. Bali was the ‘last chance’ and they only agreed to future timetables? By the way, it was a victory in the sense that the United States and Canada and Australia sort of teamed up and said, ‘Look, if you’re going to keep exempting China and if you’re going to keep exempting all these other countries, screw it! We’re not going to come up with any guidelines, and we’re certainly not going to abide by them.’ I have other stories in the Global Warming Stack of stuff today. This is NewStatesman.com: ‘Has Global Warming Stopped? — ‘The fact is that the global temperature of 2007 is statistically the same as 2006 and every year since 2001.” There’s also a statement supposed to be coming out sometime today. Three hundred scientists of eminent repute are going to release a paper saying that manmade global warming is not true, that there is no great consensus here. It is an ongoing battle. But you’re talking to your scientist buddy. These guys are committed politically to this, and they’re frauds. When they act as though science is governing their view of this, it’s not, because it can’t be proven. It’s still a hope. It’s still a theory. It cannot survive the scientific process. That’s why they’re calling people like you ‘deniers,’ because they don’t want to really debate it with you. That’s why Gore will never run for president next year, because he would have to debate global warming and he refuses to because he can’t.


RUSH: There’s a blockbuster Senate report scheduled to be released today. It was supposed to be released this morning, and I’ve not seen that it has been, but it’s going to have or does have over 300 names of prominent scientists from over 24 countries. (That’s a couple dozen, for those of you in Rio Linda.) Just a sampling of scientists who spoke out recently, overwhelmingly the majority of them in 2007, skeptical of Gore; skeptical of the UN, or the media-driven consensus. It’s not a list. It is a detailed report with the scientists speaking in their own words with biographically information and web links to studies and original source material,’ and the purpose is it’s sort of supposed to be a ‘consensus buster’ for the idea that there’s no longer any debate about this.

Have you heard this? This continually gets wackier. The global warming news just gets wackier. Now there’s some idiot who is going to pilot a boat — he’s going to circumnavigate the whole planet on a boat — powered by fat liposuctioned from human beings! Uh, that’s right it’s called the eco boat. You can see a picture of this thing at the Drudge Report. It’s from the UK Daily Mail. No, no, no, it’s not a hoax. They have pictures of the eco boat, the pictures of the inside, the pictures of the guy. ‘The fastest eco boat on the planet will attempt to break the round the world speed record using fuel made from human fat. Pete Bethune, the New Zealand skipper of Earthrace,’ that’s the name of the eco boat, ‘said the attempt to circumnavigate the globe would begin from Valencia in Spain on March 1 next year. Bethune and his wife mortgaged their house and sold everything they own to help make the [eco boat powered by liposuctioned human fat] happen, while continuing to seek support from sponsors.’ (interruption) I don’t know where you store…? I haven’t read the whole story, and I don’t know where you gonna store it. Maybe his wife’s going to store it in her thighs and they’re going to have to liposuction her during the trip. I have no clue, Snerdley! I just do not. (interruption) What’s wrong with these people? You ask now, ‘What’s wrong with these people?’

Try this one: ‘Global Ocean Temperatures ‘Plunge.” This is from data gathered by the National Climatic Data Center. ‘In 2000, when scientists declared that the Earth’s temperature was rising, much anxiety ensued, even though the increase was only half of a degree over sixty years. In just the past year, however, the Earth’s temperature has reversed, yielding back one-half of that increase.’ How can there be global warming in temperatures the last six years are static or even down a tenth of a degree? How can there be global warming? By the way, winter isn’t even here yet! Winter officially starts a day after Open Line Friday, which is Saturday, which is December 22nd this year. ‘The past month’s global oceanic data from the National Climatic Data Center has now been released, and the Earth’s oceans surface is .2548 degrees warmer than the 1880-2007 average. That’s down from .5250 last year and .5597 roughly a decade ago.’ The ocean temperatures are plummeting! ‘There have been drops of roughly a couple tenths of a degree previously, in spite of the general warming trend.’ What warming ‘trend’? The temperatures are plummeting!

Next headline: ‘Warming Could Wipe Out Scotch — The overflow of millions of gallons of seawater, caused by global warming, could wipe out some of the most famous names in the whisky industry, scientists have warned.’ (laughter) I got a lot of people’s attention on this. To hell with Greenland melting but, boy, if something happens to scotch! Yeah, in this case it would be the Kennedys hardest hit. If the scotch industry gets wiped out, the Kennedys might have to go take out a loan. ‘Coastal distilleries producing a range of internationally famous brands such as Bowmore, Laphroaig, Talisker and Glenmorangie,’ that is good stuff. I saw a bottle the other day, a $600 bottle of something like 20-million-year-old Glenmorangie. It’s in a glass case. That’s single malt scotch, for those of you in Rio Linda. Well, beer, that’s their choice out there. So anyway, they’re worried that these coastal distilleries could be swamped with melting icebergs out there, wiping out the whole scotch industry.

The final thing in the Global Warming Stack comes from the American Thinker. A reality check on global emissions tied to the Bali hoax conference. In the seven years since the signing of Kyoto in 1997 and 2004, here’s what has happened to emissions: ‘Emissions worldwide increased 18.0%. Emissions from countries that signed the treaty increased 21.1%. Emissions from non-signers increased 10.0%.’ So, to review: emissions worldwide, up 18%; countries that signed Kyoto, up 21. Non-signers, up ten. ‘Emissions from the U.S. increased 6.6%,’ and we haven’t signed it! Yet Gore is out there blaming his own country when he’s over there in Bali, pointing a finger singularly at the United States of America for being the world’s greatest polluter! Our emissions are up 6.6%; the world’s are up 18%, and the stupid countries that signed the stupid protocol, their emissions are up 21%.


RUSH: People are asking me the name of that boat, the eco boat that’s going to travel the world powered by liposuction to human fat. The name of the boat is ‘Rosie.’

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