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RUSH: Boulder, Colorado, Kim, nice to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, thank you. I’m very happy to be on talking to you. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten through.

RUSH: Thank you. I’m glad you made it.

CALLER: Yeah, me, too. I wanted to make some comments about the Drive-By Media with their so-called pandemic of the swine flu. I’m a nurse, and this is no pandemic. This is some flu that’s going around. ‘Pan’ means all over. When you have a pandemic or an epidemic, it is affecting thousands and thousands and thousands of people.

RUSH: Granted, granted, all this is true. But why do you think so many people think that it’s a bad situation and a pandemic?

CALLER: Because the media is —

RUSH: Right, right.

CALLER: — saying that.

RUSH: Who’s feeding the information to the media?

CALLER: Obama.

RUSH: Right. And the government of Mexico.


RUSH: Now, Obama likes what? Crises.


RUSH: He loves crisis, because when people are focused on a crisis he’s got juggling in his right hand, they forget what he’s doing with the left hand. And what he’s doing with the left hand today is leaking information on the banks that do and do not need more federal money, these so-called stress tests. He’s also taking over Chrysler. He’s raising taxes on businesses. He’s doing all kinds of destructive stuff while apparently everybody is focused on how he’s trying to save their life.

CALLER: Well, and, another comment about that is, when it turns out that only a few people are affected, and I mean a few meaning the whole world, and only a handful of people compared to the population of the world die from this flu, then they’re going to try to come along and say that they cured us all or they were —

RUSH: No, no, no —

CALLER: — instrumental in making it going away.

RUSH: No. I think you’re right in thinking that, but that’s not what’s happening.

CALLER: Hm-hm.

RUSH: What’s happening is, ‘Don’t rest, folks, there could be a mutation, and the second wave of this could be even worse,’ and they’re going back to 1918, and they’re saying we had the same thing in 1918, we had a springtime flu, everybody thought it was going to be bad, it wasn’t that bad, but in the fall we were wiped out. The Spanish flu is what they’re calling it, 1918. They need a crisis and a calamity, and something that’s going to kill everybody every day. So don’t get comfortable with this. Don’t get comfortable. It’s turning out to be a much milder virus than we thought, but, but, if it mutates, comes back in the fall, when the kids go back to school, oh, it could be horrible. So they’re going to keep people on the edge of their seats throughout the whole summer with this, or something else like it. But it will be back in the fall. All it’s gonna take is a couple cases, just like this is nothing, and it became a pandemic.

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