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RUSH: I feel vindicated. Do you remember early on in this spill I was misquoted as saying, ‘Don’t do anything! It will clean itself up.’ I never said don’t do anything. It was me and Gene Taylor, the Democrat congressman from Mississippi who flew over and said, ‘The sea will take care of it. It’s gonna break up.’

And the powers that be and the leftists said, ‘Oh, this is horrible! These people don’t understand how bad this is! It’s going to destroy everything: Beaches, birds, dolphins, sharks, shrimp, whatever. It’s going to kill everything. It’s the worst disaster that we’ve ever had, even worse than Exxon Valdez,’ blah, blah. Now, I was saying this amount of oil seeps into the Gulf every day. Not in one big concentrated dose like it’s doing here, but — and where does it go? The ocean eats it up. Headline, Associated Press: ‘Where’s the Oil? Model Suggests Much May be Gone — For a spill now nearly half the size of Exxon Valdez, the oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster is pretty hard to pin down. Satellite images show most of an estimated 4.6 million gallons of oil has pooled in a floating, shape-shifting blob off the Louisiana coast.

‘Some has reached shore as a thin sheen, and gooey bits have washed up as far away as Alabama. But the spill is 23 days old since the Deepwater Horizon exploded April 20 and killed 11 workers, and the thickest stuff hasn’t shown up on the coast. So, where’s the oil? Where’s it going to end up? Government scientists and others tracking the spill say much of the oil is lurking just below the surface. But there seems to be no consensus…’ Oh, here we go. Consensus and science. (What is that? ‘Did not appreciate spectacle during the hearings’? What’s [Obama] talking about? He is ticked off about something.) ‘One of their tools, a program the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration uses to predict how oil spills on the surface of water may behave, suggests that more than a third of the oil may already be out of the water.’

Did you hear that? ‘About 35 percent of a spill the size of the one in the Gulf, consisting of the same light Louisiana crude, released in weather conditions and water temperatures similar to those found in the Gulf now would simply evaporate, according to data that The Associated Press entered into the program.’ They’re looking for the oil. Remember, now, the spill happens or the leak, and everybody goes into crisis mode, panic mode. ‘It’s the end of the world! Oh, my God, it’s horrible.’ You remember it all. It’s so bad, eighth graders from St. Louis are on a field trip down there looking for it, looking for all the destruction — and a third of it may just have evaporated, as in: Nature is taking care of this. One of the biggest tools that our government and media uses to shape public opinion and to create an obedient populace is crisis. Any time there is a chance for crisis, they love it. They eat it up. They make it worse and they expand upon it even worse than it is.


RUSH: But here’s something to keep in mind about this. When the evidence doesn’t match up with the crisis projections, remember a scientific premise: The consensus in fact, global warming is and will continue to happen. But there’s a whole bunch of heat ‘missing.’ Remember that story a couple weeks ago? ‘Scientists Look for Missing Heat.’ The heat is hiding from the scientists. They can’t find it. The premise of global warming, no, no! The premise can’t be incorrect. ‘No, no! We have to study things to make the premise look like it sounds. So there’s global warming out there, we know it. But we can’t find the heat.’ Scientific premise: ‘Worst oil disaster ever. Beaches fouled for generations. But one-third of the oil is gone, and the damage isn’t nearly as it was billed to be. It’s not that the premise was wrong, no, no, no! We just have to find out what’s screwing up our conclusion. Where’s that oil? We knew it was going to be the worst oil spill in the history of oil spills, but we’re missing one third of the oil. Where’s the oil? It may have evaporated? How do we get it back?’ The premise must survive above all else.


RUSH: First on this oil spill, Merv Fingas — and this is from the AP story. They can’t find the oil. They can’t find one-third of it. Where did it go? It was supposed to be the worst disaster ever, beaches ruined forever. (breathing heavy) We can’t wait for this, can’t wait! We got our cameras on the beach. We want to see dead birds! We want to see birds covered in oil. We want to see shrimp covered in oil. We want to see crying fishermen. We want to see utter disaster and we’re going to blame it on capitalism and we want to blame it on Big Oil. But…uhhhh…one-third of the oil is, uh, missing. Uh, we gotta find it. Where did it go? If it evaporated it’s in the air and we’re breathing it and we’re going to die! Oh, no! Oil’s going to kill us no matter where it is!

This is the leftist reaction. Merv Fingas. It’s great name for somebody who studies oil spills. ‘Merv Fingas, who has studied oil spills for 35 years and has worked for Environment Canada, that nation’s environmental agency, predicted a bit of both: some would wash up, and some would stick to sediment and mud and sink slowly to the bottom, much of it likely settling near the spewing well. ‘That’s the fate of a lot of oil spills: sedimentation on the bottom,’ Fingas said.’ You see, people think that oil and water don’t mix and oil will float. But if it gets mixed in with sediment down there on the sea floor, bam! It’s going to weight down and come back down. So some of it’s evaporating, some of it’s not getting to the surface, and a disaster so desired by the left and by the media is taking a little time here to evolve, a little bit too much time.

Folks, no, no, no. I’m not exaggerating. They want this disaster. Everything is a political opportunity to advance the regime’s agenda. Remember the hurricane season after Hurricane Katrina? Hurricane season begins June 1st. Where were the Drive-Bys? They were in New Orleans with their cameras trained on the horizon, waiting to see if Katrina #2 was on the way on the first day. Then they brought their cameras to Florida and were looking at the same thing: ‘Is there a hurricane out there?’ Of course there wasn’t, but they went to their weather people for disaster weather forecasts: ‘What could happen this upcoming hurricane season?’ So they are anticipatory of these disasters. Part of it’s ratings, people watch. They also just love the fact that they get a chance to blame their enemies for all of this.


RUSH: Greeley, Colorado. Lana, it’s nice to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hi! I’m not normally an optimist, but aren’t we gonna learn a lot from this oil spill about technology and how oil and water mix. I mean, I know, but on a large-scale about what equipment works and what doesn’t. That’s not taking away from the people who will be hurt by this in the fishing industry and the tourist industry, but are we going to learn a lot?

RUSH: Well, some of us will. Others won’t. The left is not open. The left is not interested in learning.

CALLER: No, I mean the technical people that deal with oil and the equipment and stuff.

RUSH: Oh, naturally. You learn from everything that goes wrong.

CALLER: Ewe yaw.

RUSH: But Obama’s trying to blame this on a faulty permit. A faulty permit did not cause whatever to blow up down there to blow up.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: They still don’t know the cause. They’ve cited everything from a methane gas bubble to a piece of bad concrete. They still don’t know what caused it, and until they can find out what caused it, it’s going to be pretty difficult to actually stop this thing. It is amazing to see it. Have you seen the pictures of this much oil coming out of the leak at the well?

CALLER: Well, I don’t see, so I don’t see the pictures but I’ve heard them talk about it. The other thing is Stupak was talking last night — which I don’t trust him on anything after the pro-life thing but — he was talking something about batteries not being properly charged.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: Do you know anything about that?

RUSH: Well, no, but who can doubt a member of Congress?

CALLER: Well, yeah, especially one that turns on a dime.

RUSH: Yeah. If Stupak said that it was bad batteries it had to be bad batteries.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, right. (chuckles)

RUSH: And Barney Frank said it was bad batteries, it was bad batteries.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: He would know about bad batteries.

CALLER: But I just wondered if we would learn something about it. I mean, the dome that failed. Why would that fail? Will we learn how to do it better if there is a next time? And there will be a next time.

RUSH: Yeah, we’ll learn.

CALLER: You know.

RUSH: We will.

CALLER: We will.

RUSH: There’s no question we will.

CALLER: Okay. That’s what I wanted to ask.

RUSH: But I want to finish my point. The left won’t. The left is not interested in learning. They’re the most closed-minded people around. They have a political agenda, and every event that happens is going to be fit into that agenda whether it fits or not. That’s their purpose.

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