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RUSH: Back to Hillary Clinton, we had time before all this came up again to talk about Mrs. Clinton and how she had made a statement that, yes, she would use military action against Iran — not to stop them from going nuclear, not to stop them from targeting and attacking Israel, not to get rid of their regime. No, she said in South Carolina — and the Drive-Bys zipped the lips; the local AP reported it; it didn’t get much beyond that — she said that she would go to war with Iran to maintain the free flow of oil at market prices. Blood for oil, she told an audience in South Carolina! Guess who the audience in South Carolina is? Even among Democrats, there’s some conservatives there, all conservative Republicans. ‘No blood for oil’ is a big Democrat theme. ‘We’re not going to waste American treasure and life for oil. Yuck! It’s not worth it.’ Mrs. Clinton knows better and says that’s where she would consider using military action against Iran. Now, this is from a far-left fringe lunatic blog called firedoglake, and it’s from yesterday.

‘Every year I go to a fundraiser luncheon sponsored by a group called Eleanor Roosevelt’s Legacy Committee. It’s a group that raises money, recruits, and trains Democratic women candidates and gives campaign grants to those running in New York. Hillary Clinton has been a patron of this organization from the beginning, and is often the keynote speaker. As you can imagine, the lunch this year was Hill chillin’ with her [thoughts]. … What I do know, is that I heard her say that she would end the Iraq war immediately upon taking office.’ This two days ago, or day ago. ‘Lots of heads snapped up when she said that (and there was plenty of applause, even a little whooping) and the very politically plugged in person sitting next to me remarked that the statement was ‘completely new’.’

It is completely new! Mrs. Clinton said to this Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee she will bring the troops home. She will end the Iraq war immediately upon taking office. Now, this is at total variance with what she said at the last Democrat debate in which she said (paraphrased), ‘Well, I can’t make that determination right now, Tim,’ or whoever was asking the question. ‘I can’t make that determination because I don’t know what one at time going to find there [sic]. We don’t know what the circumstances are going to be. We don’t know if Al-Qaeda’s going to come back. We don’t know if the civil war is going to be going. I can’t commit. I don’t think we’ll have all the troops out of there by 2013.’

Now, there is no candidate in the history of the presidency who gets away with such prevarications. I can’t recall one. Maybe Bill Clinton, but she’s all over the place. Now, admittedly this is on blog, and this took place, again, in New York at the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee. But I know Hillary is a presidential candidate, and she’s got a press corps running around following her where she goes, and they had to have heard this, and, if they’re not with her on this, why not? Anyway, all of this stuff depends on — I guess it’s hour-by-hour and audience-by-audience, what her position on key fundamental issues to Democrats happens to be. Hour-to-hour, day-to-day, audience-to-audience. This is totally at odds with what she said on a nationally televised (even though hardly anybody watched it) debate. I haven’t heard this anywhere outside this blog. Then we’ve got this in the Washington Times: ‘Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will develop a plan to withdraw troops from Iraq within 60 days of becoming president, but ‘will order specialized units’ to stay behind to fight terrorists there and elsewhere in the region, she wrote in a detailed Foreign Affairs magazine essay.’ So let’s put these together. Here’s what she wrote…

‘Mrs. Clinton said if elected she would begin bringing troops home within the first two months, redirect U.S. financial aid to help Iraqi citizens, ‘not propping up the Iraqi government,’…’ For God’s sakes. For crying out loud! Now she wants the Iraqi citizens to become wards of the United States government. She won’t prop up the duly elected Iraqi government. She’ll take the money we’re spending on the troops and give it to the Iraqi citizens. Yes, health care for all! She would ‘replace military force in Iraq with ‘intensive diplomatic initiative’ in the region. She also said she ‘will order specialized units’ to engage in targeted anti-terrorism operations in Iraq and against ‘other terrorist organizations in the region.’ The campaign did not respond to an inquiry asking for a definition of ‘other organizations.” She did vote to finger the Revolutionary Guards, though, remember, in Iran. She did vote for that. That got her some trouble in the Democrat primary base because that was reported nationally. ‘Mrs. Clinton said rebuilding the military will be a key priority and promised to ‘expand and modernize’ forces so they are better prepared to meet threats.’ Okay, so where do we go?

From the last debate (paraphrased), ‘Well, I can’t commit, Tim, to anything regarding troop reductions in Iraq. I mean, I don’t know what I’m going to find. The Bush administration might be holding things back on us. I don’t think we’ll be out of there the end of my first term.’ Because that was his question: Do you think you’ll be out by the end of your first term? ‘Oh, no, no,’ and no other Democrat candidate, other than Kucinich, said anything different. Edwards said he couldn’t commit to getting out by 2013, and Obama said the same thing. Now Hillary goes to the Eleanor Roosevelt bunch, says (summarized), ‘I’m going to get ’em out of there immediately. That war is going to be over the minute I’m president.’ Now she’s telling Foreign Affairs magazine 60 days and then she’s going to start withdrawing people. Now, folks, honestly, this is not presidential. Some people say, ‘Rush, this is brilliant. This is really smart, Rush, because she knows that she’s not going to get called on it, so she’s telling these audiences what it is they want to hear. So it really is brilliant.’ Folks, this is the kind of thing, it’s going to come back to haunt her, because there’s going to be a Republican nominee someday, and there’s going to be television ads, and all these things are going to be discovered.

If I can discover them, a whole bunch of operation research people can, and she’s going to be asked about this by a Republican, by a candidate in debate somewhere, and her only retort is going to be, ‘Here they go again, distorting, trying to gin up the negative.’ That’s what she always says. She gives the cackle, ha-ha-ha, and then goes into this business about how it’s just too bad that all these campaigns have degenerated into all this negativity, and she will not answer these things. She’s going to get called on this. This is not smart, and in addition to not being smart, it’s quite illustrative of the fact that this woman will say anything to any audience to get where she wants. She does not want to have to get there being honest with people, because she doesn’t want to have to be tied to what she has said. Actually, it’s more than that. She knows she won’t get where she wants if she is totally honest. Like this new health care plan of hers is ten pages, ‘and I’m going to let the Congress fill in the blanks.’ Ha! The last health care plan was 1,200 pages; she knew what happened to it. There’s a great piece today in the American Spectator on their website by Jeffrey Lord, who talks about the hypothetical of Mrs. Clinton winning and what her first few days as president might be like.


RUSH: All right, audio sound bite time. Mrs. Clinton. This was actually Sunday on TV One, One On One. Hillary Clinton spoke. Here’s a portion of her remarks about African-American voters.

HILLARY: I want African-Americans to feel that when I’m president, it’s another Clinton presidency, and we’re going to be doing everything we can to get this country to be on the side of them and people who are working hard and struggling so that they can have a better chance.

RUSH: It’s already happening, Hillary. The economy is going through the roof. More people are working than ever before. Wages are up. The chances to do well in this country have never been better, except for your constituents, who you’ve continually talked into a constant mood of pessimism and defeatism. If I were black voters, if I were a black voter, I would say, ‘You had eight years to get people to love us. You had eight years, Mrs. Clinton, to be on our side. In fact, you Democrats have had 50 years to get people on our side. And yet we’re still complaining about the same things you said you’re going to fix. And we’re still poor! And 70% of our kids still only have one parent in the house. And our schools still suck, and you run ’em! And I’m done voting for you.’ This is what I would say if I were a black voter. And here’s more promises of, ‘Well, you know, the Republicans have just devastated you, all this racism out there, the Don Imuses. You elect us, and we’ll deal with them. We’re going to leave you right where you are, mired in misery and obscurity. But we’ll deal with these other people. And we’ll really get ’em for you.’ Yeah, yip yip yip yip yahoo. Here’s Donna Brazile last night on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer says, ‘As you know, Bill Clinton, her husband, very well liked by the African-American community.’

BRAZILE: He was commonly referred to as the nation’s first black president. Maybe she will be the first sister-in-chief. We’ll see. She’s a sister. She knows the issues; she can communicate them well; she’s a fighter. As Maya Angelou would say, ‘She’s a phenomenal woman.’

RUSH: Okay. Here is Mrs. Clinton as a sister.

HILLARY: I don’t feel no ways tired. I come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy. I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me.

RUSH: She can sit there and insult them; she can make fun of ’em and mock ’em; she can tell them that the reason that they’re in a mess is because of Republicans; and she can say ‘give me eight more years and we’ll make it fair for you out there, we’ll get even with these people.’ This is not about race; it’s about liberalism; it’s about blacks; it’s about socialism. It’s not about race. It’s about keeping a voting bloc and doing nothing for them. By the way, that’s liberals with everybody. The last thing they want to do is actually have you do well enough to move out of your obscurity and not need them. This is hideous stuff, folks. They want the whole country to look more like minority communities in terms of economic circumstances than it does as present. That’s what they want. They want need, they want desperation, and they want to make sure that they and their government are the only place the desperate can turn to. She’s even recruited Maya Angelou. She did the poem at Clinton’s inauguration in Washington. The River, the Rock, and the Tree. I will never forget, The River, the Rock, and the Tree from Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou has now done an ad for Sister Hillary, and here’s the audio.

ANGELOU: Hello, everybody. I am Maya Angelou, and I’m here. I’d love to be there with you.


ANGELOU: I’m there with you in spirit.

RUSH: Yes.

ANGELOU: I am here to talk about Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. I know her as a woman, and —

RUSH: Really?

ANGELOU: — she makes me very proud. I am proud that she gives herself the authority to be in her own skin.

RUSH: What?

ANGELOU: To be who she is.

RUSH: Hmm?

ANGELOU: Each one teach one, we say. Well, each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it, possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.

RUSH: There you go, babes, you are nothing but victims, you’re helpless, and you’re part of a giant monolith. So when Mrs. Clinton, Sister Hillary stands up for herself, she’s standing up for you and all women. If you believe that I got some Mikimoto pearls for you. You think Hillary Clinton is thinking about you when she stands up for herself? When she stands up for herself, she’s damn well going to make sure you stay on the floor.


RUSH: All right, folks, we are back. Let me grab a quick phone call here.

Bill in Appleton, Wisconsin. I’m glad you called, sir, this is where visiting teams stay when they go play the Packers at Lambeau Field.

CALLER: That’s right. I have listened to you ever since you were in Sacramento and then you went national.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: And I miss talking to Pop, or having you talk to Pop, you know. And what I was on the call about — first I want to plug in and say hi to all my friends at Mercer Transportation out of Louisville, Kentucky.

RUSH: Oh, very good. You know, I should tell you we got about 45 seconds here.

CALLER: Okay. You remember in ’96 on your TV show you had Hillary Clinton at the Lincoln Center, she said she admitted talking to Eleanor Roosevelt.

RUSH: Right. She wrote about her imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt in a syndicated column on June 10th. She said she talked to Eleanor Roosevelt about the role of first lady and then an advisor of Mrs. Clinton decided it was time to downplay that. Yeah, Mrs. Clinton, indeed, has admitted to channeling Eleanor Roosevelt. We found a humorous way of graphically illustrating that on the TV show. Maybe we can dig that up and give you an idea what it was.

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