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Rush’s Morning Update: Answer!
Original Airdate: January 17, 2008

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You know, folks, I routinely get calls from listeners trying to understand how seasoned citizens– their parents or grandparents– can continue to vote for liberals while leading their lives as conservatives.

They want to know how the generation that espoused fiscal responsibility can vote for tax-and-spend liberals; how the generation of “self-reliance” can support liberals who believe in handouts and entitlements. And they really don’t understand how those who lived through World War II and the Cold War can vote for liberal fringe-kook-wackos who ignore the threat of Islamofacism.

Well, there are cultural reasons, which I’ve explained in depth,but today… science may have provided another piece of the puzzle.

According to findings published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, researchers say that some seasoned citizens may be more susceptible to fraud due to changes in the brain affecting judgment and decision-making. Natalie Denburg –neuroscientist,University of Iowa –says the new research may help identify those “at risk of being deceived.” She says: “Research suggests that elders who fall prey to fraudulent advertising are not simply gullible, depressed, lonely or less intelligent. Rather, it is truly more of a medical or neurological problem.”

Well! Seasonedcitizenswho fall prey to the widespread fraud that’s modern-day liberalismmay indeed have a serious medical condition. While scientists work for a cure,I will continue treating those afflicted;it’s the least I can do.Don’t thank me — it’s my job.

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