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RUSH: Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, who is the ranking member of the House budget committee, is taking no prisoners talking about this budget. ‘Make no mistake,’ he says. ‘This is a budget aimed to advance the administration’s philosophy and ideology. By increasing taxes and letting country spiral into debt, this budget is a firm step toward transforming America into collectivist society overseen by a social welfare state.’ That is precisely what’s going on. I have told you from the get-go: The purpose this president has is remaking this country, the Cloward-Piven Strategy. He wants to force everybody, as many people as possible into welfare. Just overwhelm the private sector with things and turn everybody onto government assistance. And I know, folks, you can’t understand why a president would do that.

The only reason you can’t understand it — if you don’t — is because you don’t understand liberals. Because you don’t understand radicals. Because you don’t understand ideology. A lot of people don’t because ideology makes ’em uncomfortable. That’s partisanship. And they would rather we all just get along and they hold out hope for it. But I’m telling you: The only way we’re going to rescue ourselves here is for as many people — as many multiple, millions of people to find out what the hell liberalism is all about — because that’s what’s happening. It’s radical, radical leftism. Fascism, Marxism, I don’t care what you want to call it. It is radical and it is not American. What’s happening here is un-American. This budget is so outrageous. This budget… You know, back when Republicans used to send budgets up and they’d always said they’re DOA before Democrats had seen ’em. This one genuinely ought to be dead on arrival. It is just hideous.


RUSH: Here’s more from Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. He says, ‘The president’s budget is not like most budgets, with some tax code tinkering and spending. This budget is a choice. We are about to make a decision whose consequences will last for generations.’ A generation is 25 years. We’re talking about two futures. It’s a choice of two futures: The one we’ve always known in the past or something unlike we’ve ever seen in this country. That’s what we face.


RUSH: Here, back to the phones, Mark in Vienna, Virginia. I’m glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos from Vienna.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Something struck me this morning when I heard James Clyburn’s comments about in times of recession, the only way to get out of it is to spend more money. That struck me as it seems to me that there is no economic situation now when Democrats can’t spend more money. If times are good, we have to spend more money because it’s our moral obligation. When times are bad, we have to spend more money. In fact the recession requires us to do so because that’s the only way out. So there’s absolutely no economic situation that I can see where Democrats can’t open the spigot and spend more money.

RUSH: Exactly. Exactly. They’re setting it up so that whatever economic circumstance exists, we are going to need more spending. Grab audio sound bite number 14, Ed. We have a backup engineer today. Maimone’s on his 25th wedding anniversary and he’s doing something else. I forget what it is. I don’t know what. What’s he doing, Ed? Did he tell you what he’s doing? (interruption) He kept quiet. He didn’t to me. He sent me a note. But I don’t remember what he said. I know it’s his 25th wedding anniversary but he’s doing something else that’s going to cancel it out. He was making a joke. I don’t know what it is. Anyway this was on Fox News Channel’s Happening Now with Jane Skinner. She interviewed James Clyburn (Democrat-South Carolina). He heads up the Congressional Black Caucus. She said, ‘Our deficit will be hitting a record this year, the highest since post-World War II, well, beyond sustainable. And going forward if you look at these numbers we wouldn’t hit the level the administration said it wants. What can you say to reassure taxpayers here?’

CLYBURN: We’ve got to make some decisions here as to what’s in the best interests of the country going forward, and I think the best interest is to invest in education, control these deficits while at the same time try to get people back to work. We are not going to save our way, uh, out of this recession. We’ve got to spend our way out of this recession, and I think most economists know that.

RUSH: That’s an Obama trick: ‘I think most economists agree. Most economists agree.’ This is insane. Plus, it’s stupid. We’re not going to save our way out of a depression? We gotta invest in education? For crying out loud, I am so sick and tired of hearing we gotta ‘invest’ in education. That’s all we do is invest in education and look what we’re getting for it! We’re getting a bunch of indoctrinated mind-numbed robots. I mean, there are even reading lists in certain schools now that include Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Obama’s big organizing Bible. You grow your way out of a recession, Congressman Clyburn. You grow your way out. There is no growth whatsoever anywhere near this budget. By design. There is no change to unemployment. Nobody is forecasting a significant change for two years. If that’s the case, there will be no end to this recession.

I don’t know how you can say you can have a recovery without adding jobs — and if you don’t add jobs and you still say you’ve got a recovery, most people aren’t going to consider it a recovery anyway. But all these people on unemployment, with extended benefits and more people destined to be unemployed is the purpose. It is the design anybody with any economic literacy knows, especially after one year of this, that this is not what you do to stop a recession or come out of it. This is not the way it is ever been done. This is almost criminal, compared to the greatness of this country. This is destroying the greatness of this country. This is cutting this country down to size for whatever perverted reasons Obama and his people have to not like the way this country was constituted and founded. Paul Ryan is right. Two choices, two futures. The future made up of what we’ve always known in the past. Your kids do better than you, there’s always expanded economic opportunity, expanding standards of living, or we go just the opposite. Your kids will not do better than you. Your kids may not even work. There may not be jobs for them. More and more people than ever on welfare. The welfare state growing and growing and growing. No more economic prosperity. Economic prosperity will have been usurped by government growth, by design. And Paul Ryan says it’s not too late to make the right decision. The problem is we have to convince a bunch of Democrats to punt this budget.

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