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RUSH: All right, we’re going to get into the Hillary Stack. I want to do it. I want to get it over with because I don’t want to go back into a blue funk. I’m convinced spending as much time as I did last Friday on Hillary, is one of the reasons I went into the weekend in a blue funk. I got out of the blue funk last night, for a host of reasons — not the least of which was the Steelers mauling the Baltimore Ravens. Payback.

Our buddies at Fox & Friends — Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Gretchen Carlson — are the only ones to have exploited and exposed a Newsweek story. The illegal immigrant driver’s license controversy is one thing for Mrs. Clinton, but perhaps an even larger stumbling point during last week’s debate involved communications between her husband regarding health care. Senator Clinton’s defense is, you know, Russert asked, ‘So are you going to release those documents about what your husband and you did?’ The former first lady, said, ‘Well, that’s not my decision to make.’ However, Newsweek uncovered some documents that revealed in 1994, President Clinton named his wife, along with his advisor, Bruce Lindsey, in charge of the former president’s papers. Senator Clinton’s spokesman said, ‘We don’t control their process. We’re not holding anything up.’ Senator Clinton also claimed that all of the records, as far as they know, about what we did with health care, those are already available. However, Newsweek also reports that most records relating to the health care task force have not been released. All the networks and CNN have thus far ignored the story. But Fox & Friends discussed the story yesterday. I have the transcript here I could read to you, but we don’t need to do that.

Can I say something about this? Have you ever noticed how often Mrs. Clinton says, ‘I don’t know about that,’ and ‘I don’t remember’? Here’s a woman who is maniacally in control of everything in her life, and yet at the most inappropriate times for her, ‘I have nothing to do with that.’ She was on the commission! The president named her along with Bruce Lindsey in charge of the documents. But here’s the truth. We know about health care. We know all we need to know about it. She had, as part of her original health care plan, a program called Kids First. It was the forerunner of the S-CHIP program and she admits — or admitted back then — that the purpose of S-CHIP, Kids First, her version of it, was to get started on the whole socialized single-payer method of health care in this country. But that’s beside the point even. It’s not the health care documents we want. We know about that. We know it was a debacle.

We know about the bamboozle bus trip that we blew up and destroyed. They started in Seattle. By the time they got to Texas the whole thing had been rendered a joke. That was one of the most fun events on this program. She’s doing it again, ‘The Middle Class Express’ here in Iowa. But we want the papers of the things that she said to her husband and he back to her, outside of health care. That’s what everybody that’s talking about these documents is interested in. You know, she wants to be president. She claims that she has lots of experience, because she was co-president with her husband for eight years. Well, there are numerous pages of documents detailing conversations that they had with each other, and they have both said over the years that they talked to each other quite a bit about a lot of things, policy and otherwise. Yet she’s touting herself as having all this experience; she won’t detail what any of that experience is, and these papers are not due to be released until 2009, some of them, and 2012 for the others. Screw the health care documents! We know about that. We want the other stuff.

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