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I can’t help that I know liberals like the back of my hand; I do. I know what motivates them, and how they conceal their goals. Yeah, nobody was worried about the tobacco lawsuits, either. It’s just lazy of you to say that these things don’t matter and it’s not going to go that far; they always do. These are all infringements on freedom of choice; they are nobody’s business but the person engaging in the behavior. It’s one thing for somebody not prefer to drive an SUV, but then to run around and try to condemn the character and the intent of people who do drive them? To have some people lighting them on fire? They just might put Ronald McDonald and Wendy in handcuffs – the Joe Camel treatment.

Soon you won’t be able to change your radio station or eat in the car. Karen uncovered my deep, dark secret by saying, “I think you have an agenda to push.” Of course, I do! It’s called freedom! If I want to drive an SUV, damn it, I want to drive an SUV – and I don’t want a bunch of longhaired, maggot-infested, sandal Birkenstock-wearing people telling me I can’t, just as they don’t want me telling them to stop driving those ugly VW buses. People (some of whom call themselves conservatives), want a big government to regulate all behavior just on the other side of the line they personally consider acceptable. I apologize for raising my voice during Karen’s call and perhaps losing my temper. But these people tee me off, as they should tee anyone off who truly favors “tolerance.”


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