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“When you start thinking, and you start applying actual analysis to feelings, it’s the feelings that are going to get challenged.”

“Nobody in this country wants the US Military to lose. Nobody in this country wants the country to lose.”

“Hillary is coming off that moderate stance a bit. She’s drifting more and more left.”

“The surge is working because of our military, and the reason the people think it’s working is because it is, not because of the media coverage. Reality is reality.”

“Have you ever asked yourself: Why wasn’t Armitage subpoenaed before the grand jury? Why wasn’t Joe Wilson? How come their stories were never challenged by Fitzgerald? How come he believed everything and made it the basis of his investigation, hmm?”

“Did you know that Hillary Clinton cited military progress in Anbar province during the AFL-CIO presidential forum last Tuesday night? Did you know that? I did not know that, either, but it’s in the Chicago Sun-Times.”

“We’re more concerned about a meaningless, silly environmental thing than we are the safety of the crew on these shuttles. It boggles my mind, folks.”

“Smokers ought to be the latest version of American heroes. They single-handedly are funding children’s health care. Their taxes on cigarettes are going to go up a buck a pack.”

“We do make the complex understandable, and we do so happily each day here at the EIB Network.”

“Tommy Thompson dropped out of the GOP presidential race. He’s more qualified than any of the Democrat candidates.”


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