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RUSH: The Heritage Foundation, even the Drive-By Media yesterday on these $100 billion budget cuts out of a $4,000 billion budget or debt or $8,000 billion new spending, debt, whatever you want to call it, Heritage Foundation, we talk about them a lot, AskHeritage.org, I’m a member, only costs $25 to become a member. You can spend more if you want. But I swear, folks, there are more things available at Askheritage.org, than I see anywhere else.

They have a great, great chart, a great visual effect today. I’m going to show it to you on the Dittocam here, but you won’t be able to make out ’cause the resolution is not high enough. You really need high definition to see this. But what they’ve done here, imagine the sun, and the sun represents the $3.69 trillion 2010 proposed budget of Barack Obama. And then inside the sun you have the $787 billion Porkulus bill and the $410 billion appropriations bill. And up at the top, a microscopic dot that is about the size of Pluto compared to our sun representing Obama’s requested budget cuts of yesterday. It’s the tiniest little dot, smaller than a period on your computer page that represents the size of the budget cuts compared to the sun, or the whole budget of 2010. Everything here is just smoke and mirrors, and even the Drive-Bys yesterday were all over this kind of peppering that clown, Robert Gibbs, about all this.


RUSH: Here’s more on the Obama budget cuts. Show prep for the rest of the media. That’s what this program is. Let’s return to me, yesterday on this program. This is what I said about these budget cuts.

RUSH ARCHIVE: [T]his gets back to the emotional connection. This is what people want to hear. They don’t hear the end details. Plus, a hundred million sounds like a lot more than eight trillion, because one hundred is bigger than eight. A hundred million sounds bigger than four trillion. Four trillion is the new spending and debt. ‘A hundred million? Why, that’s a lot of money,’ people think. People want to hear he’s gonna cut spending, he’s gonna cut the budget. I’m sure they’ve got internal polling data that shows these tea parties are successful and these tea parties are a problem. So they’re responding to the tea parties here. That’s all this is, and so they’re responding to the tea parties with chump change, with irrelevant numbers.

RUSH: And so now we have a montage of a bunch of Drive-Bys repeating this essentially throughout the day.

JOHN HARWOOD: Anybody who thinks Barack Obama is ignoring those tea party protests ought to look at what happened today when the president gathered his cabinet officers together and told them all to look for 100 million in savings.

PETER MORICI: It’s a populist reaction to the tea parties.

RICK FOLBAUM: Maybe President Obama was listening to tea party protesters last week.

MIKE VIQUEIRA: The White House also very concerned that Republicans are after them every day about profligate spending. We saw those tea parties.

MIKE EMANUEL: Reaction to the April 15th protests.

LARRY KUDLOW: In response to the tea parties last week, the president is proposing a pathetic hundred million dollar cut in the budget!

RUSH: Larry Kudlow there on the tail end of the montage. So you see, this program is show prep for the rest of the media. There’s no question that the tea parties are upsetting… Look it, folks, you gotta understand these people. They’re running around and they’re telling everybody, ‘You don’t dare oppose Obama. He’s the most popular man in the world. Obama’s the most popular man ever! He’s the most popular man in the country. He’s the most popular man in the world.’ In fact, did you notice that Michelle did not go to the Summit of the Americas and show off another new classless wardrobe? Why do you think she didn’t go, Snerdley? Give me two guesses. Why did Michelle (My Belle) Obama not go to the Summit of the Americas?

And don’t tell me she had to tend to the garden in the White House. It is because she overwhelmed his popularity in Britain. All the press was about Michelle, the new Jackie O. Michelle this, Michelle that. Michelle’s wardrobe, Michelle here, Michelle there. The friendship with the queen, arm around the queen. I’ll guarantee you, this whole image of Obama as The Messiah is the one that’s predicated on the fact that nobody is more popular than he is and nobody has ever been more popular. ‘And you can’t oppose Obama,’ they say to the Republicans. Why, he’s the most popular man in the world. You want to take him on, go right ahead,’ and so here come the tea parties. Here come the tea parties, and the tea parties demonstrate he’s not the most popular guy in the world.

He’s not all that popular in this country. He is among Democrats. But the Gallup poll is out today. They’ve got some interesting information. ‘Big Gov’t Still Viewed as Greater Threat Than Big Business — In your opinion, which of the following will be the biggest threat to the country in the future — big business, big labor, or big government?’ Fifty-five percent say that big government is the greater threat to big business. Only Democrats reverse and cite big business. The rest of every other demographic holds firm. ‘In fact, independents’ view did not change much over the period. Solid majorities in both polls saying big government is a greater threat. Eighty percent of Republicans view big government the biggest threat to the country, up from 68% in December 2006.

‘At the same time, Democrats’ perceptions of the greater threat are completely reversed. In December 2006, 55% of Democrats said big government posed the greater threat. Thirty-two percent said big business did. In the latest poll, a majority of Democrats now view big business as the greater threat, 52%, while only about one in three think big government is.’ So the Democrats are in the minority when you break down the poll, and they’re in the minority in the general poll over what poses the bigger threat, government, big government, or big business. So in the midst of the so-called never-before-seen popularity, here come the tea parties. So Obama has to hustle together, put a phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller mythical budget package, budget cut together, and that’s what it was yesterday.

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