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RUSH: This is a headline from the Chicago Tribune: ‘Barack Obama’s Push: Make Rush Limbaugh Appear to be the Face of the GOP.’ Here’s the subhead: ‘Obama gambles that taking on conservative radio host will cow Republicans, benefit president’s agenda.’ What do we have here? We have the president of the United States, Barack Obama, gambling on me to benefit his agenda and to cow the Republican Party. Me. He’s counting on me to end up selling his agenda. Fat chance. It isn’t going to happen. By the way, I want to play a couple sound bites off the top, and after that, I want to address, in a different fashion, this whole notion of Obama failing ’cause I had a fascinating e-mail exchange today with a reporter from the Washington Post, Greg Sargent. And very tricky on the part of Mr. Sargent, and I’m going to read the back and forth to you. I don’t know what he’s going to write, but I’ve got the e-mail trail, I have the record of what I said to him.

His question ostensibly, originally was about Michael Steele. And the way he framed the question, ‘Do you think Steele didn’t go far enough in his apology to you, to say that Obama should fail?’ And I just laughed. I just laughed. These mainstream media people, the Drive-Bys inside the Beltway, they are automatons. They are butt boys for the Obama administration. They simply get their marching orders. There’s a conference call every morning between The Forehead — if you don’t know who The Forehead is, Paul Begala, he’s the guy, the kid that played the banjo on the bridge in the movie Deliverance. So you’ve got The Forehead, Paul Begala, you’ve got James Carville and George Stephanopoulos. Now, Stephanopoulos works at ABC, Carville and Begala at CNN. They have a conference phone call every morning with Rahm Emanuel where talking points are discussed and decided upon.

And so the talking points after my CPAC speech hit first on Sunday morning with Stephanopoulos, where they misrepresented — what they did there was a really neat trick. They posted on their website a supposed transcript from the TV show that was not the transcript of the TV show. When you look at the transcript of the TV show, it’s not what they posted on the website, and the website is what got distributed, and this is the story about how Eric Cantor repudiated me when Eric Cantor did not. Eric Cantor agreed with me on what Republican policy and initiative ought to be in fighting page one of the Democrat liberal handbook here from Barack Obama. I want to get to all that here in just a second. But some sound bites. This was one of my lines, this is one of the points that I made during the CPAC speech Saturday afternoon in Washington.

RUSH ARCHIVE: All politicians, including President Obama, are temporary stewards of this nation. It is not their task to remake the founding of this country. It is not their task to tear it apart and rebuild it in their image.

RUSH: Right on, right on, right on, right on. Right on. Right on. Right on. Right on. Now, let’s go to a couple of Obama sound bites from this morning at the Department of Transportation, the first of two.

OBAMA: In the weeks to come, the signs denoting these projects are going to bear the new emblem of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. These emblems are symbols of our commitment to you, the American people. When you see them on projects that your tax dollars made possible, let it be a reminder that our government, your government, is doing its part to put the economy back on the road of recovery.

RUSH: It is not. There is nothing about Obama’s policies that will generate private sector wealth or that will cause the economy to recover, but they’re going to put on Obama logos. Why not just put pictures of yourself on everything, like they used to do in totalitarian countries? Just plaster your picture all over, just like Che Guevara, Fidel are all over Cuba. Just plaster your picture there. Here’s the second bite. Now, remember, I said President Obama is a temporary steward. It is not his task to remake the founding of the country. It’s not his task to tear it apart and rebuild it in his image.

OBAMA: Throughout our history, there have been times when a generation of Americans seized the chance to remake the face of this nation. It’s what we’re doing once more, by building a twenty-first century infrastructure that will make America’s economy stronger and America’s people safer. That’s the reason we’re here today. That’s the purpose of our recovery plan. That’s the cause of my presidency.

RUSH: To remake the face of the nation. He is making me look like a genius, which, of course, some would not dispute. Ah, ah, sorry, little humorous pomposity there, maybe a little sarcasm. You know, I figured out, Snerdley, from our first women’s summit, I figured out everybody says the women that don’t like me, it’s pomposity, or pompousness, or that that’s not what it is. People don’t laugh anymore. People don’t understand sarcasm as a form of humor. Sarcasm is not permitted anymore. Sarcasm is considered mean. I do sarcasm and irony aimed at liberals better than anybody. They don’t get it, because political correctness has taught people, can’t laugh, can’t laugh. People might think ill of you.

All right, here we go. Let’s start with this Los Angeles Times story. It’s by Peter Nicholas today. Headline: ”Painting Limbaugh as GOP’s Leader’ — The White House is pushing the message that the provocative radio host is pulling the party’s strings. The Obama White House has begun advancing an aggressive political strategy: persuading the country that real power behind the Republican Party is not the GOP leaders in Congress or at the Republican National Committee, but rather provocative radio talk show king Rush Limbaugh. President Obama himself, along with top aides and outside Democratic allies, have been pushing the message in unison.’ Yesterday Gibbs at his press conference — we’ve got these sound bites coming up, sit tight. Gibbs: ‘I think it would be charitable to say he doubled down on what he said in January in wishing and hoping for economic failure in this country.’ And, you see, that’s the nub of it. Economic failure is what I want to avoid.

Ladies and gentlemen, I said at CPAC in one of the segments where I professed my love for this country and devotion to, my awe for, the United States of America, when you said I want and we conservatives want the best for everyone, we want everyone to succeed, we want everybody to have the opportunity to use their God-given talents and ambition to the best of their ability, depending on their ambition and desire. And this is going to choke that off, because it’s going to punish those who achieve trying to use those characteristics. I said, ‘Look at me, look at what’s happened to me. My parents would not understand my life. They would not believe my life. They came out of the Great Depression. They wouldn’t think this is possible for their son.’ And I said at CPAC, ‘I wish everybody could experience this, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.’ I really do.

It’s so glorious, it’s such a wonderful thing that has happened to me, and it hasn’t happened in a vacuum. All of you are part and parcel of making it happen, and my appreciation for you is boundless, my inability to properly thank you has been duly noted by me over the course of 20 years. Why in the world would I, having been fortunate to prosper as I have, why would I want the economy to fail and destroy everything I’ve produced? Well, of course I don’t, I don’t want the economy to fail. I want just the opposite. I want to get out of this mess. These people are sitting around doing nothing. We have lost $3 trillion of wealth in the stock market alone since Obama was elected. Three trillion dollars of personal wealth is gone. What he’s doing is not going to bring it back in any way, shape, manner, or form. It’s going to refocus all of that wealth back to government.

Now, any other president standing by while the market plunges to this degree would have said something by now to try to halt it, to try to inspire confidence in the American people, to go out and engage in commerce, to once again invest in the businesses, large and small that make the country work. Not President Obama. He stands mute. He says nothing. In fact, he does worse. He sends the Fed chairman out this morning to say we need tax increases. Well, Obama already said that, Mr. Chairman. So this is piling on, is it not? He said we need tax increases, we need socialized medicine. The president’s already proposed that last Tuesday night in his speech in the House chamber. And the market duly starts going south again.

Investor’s Business Daily today with a really nice op-ed editorial: ‘Capital on Strike.’ Money is on strike. People with money are on strike, and the Obama administration sits back and does nothing but attack a guy on the radio? Claiming this is what I want? I have no control. I am not in charge of one Republican policy. I have not authored or advocated one policy that is in play today used by either party. I’m no different than you, I’m an average citizen, I have a microphone, I’m sitting around here watching all this, I’m watching my wealth dissipate just like every one of you are. It is fatuous, it is ignorant, and it is irresponsible for journalists to claim I want this to happen. My question would be to the journalists who are acting as total butt boys for this administration, you all have your own degree of wealth. You all have your own 401(k)s and your investment portfolios. Are you people happy to see them vanish before your very eyes? Is the idea of the remaking of America into a so-called socialist paradise so important to you that you will sit around and happily, without any concern, watch your wealth dissipate and everybody else’s?

This is Obama’s economy. They’re trying to slough this off on Bush. They’re trying to say all these deficits are Bush. They’re not going to get away with that. They’re not going to get away with that here. Nobody has spent like Obama, nobody has piled up debt like Obama. And it’s not over. This notion that I am for economic failure, or that anybody is for economic failure, is crazy. There’s one person who might be. Barack Obama. The one guy that could do something about this at least attitudinally is standing mute. Who benefits from this plunging economy? Ask yourself. Who gets more power? Who gets more curiosity? Who gets more panic? Who gets more anxiety? Obama does. And what does the panic and anxiety mean? How does it manifest itself? It manifests itself thus: ‘President Obama, please do something, please do something, Mr. Obama, please do something.’ He goes out and makes a speech for national health care, ‘Ah, I feel better, Obama is on the case.’

Meanwhile, the next day, zippo, another 200 points down. Ask yourself who benefits. It isn’t me. I’m not benefiting from what’s happening here. Mr. Snerdley is not, Dawn’s not. Brian, you’re not. Who’s benefiting right now from what’s going on? None of us are. The banks aren’t benefiting, the automobile companies are not benefiting. Well, yeah, you could say people being allowed to stay in their homes and not having to pay for it, they may be benefiting, but how is that America? Ask yourself who’s benefiting. Who said a crisis is a terrible thing to waste? That would be Rahm Emanuel. Who, again, orchestrates talking point phone calls with media members at ABC and CNN every morning? Does somebody have a problem with that, by the way?

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