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RUSH: Here’s the story on Newt: “Newt Gingrich yesterday called Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton ‘a nasty woman’ who runs an ‘endlessly ruthless’ campaign machine. The conservative Republican made the surprising comments – after months of taking care not to trash the Democratic presidential front-runner – in a wide-ranging New York Post editorial-board interview. Asked whether Americans are ready to elect Rudy Giuliani – a leader, the questioner noted, whom Ed Koch had called a ‘nasty man’ – Gingrich shot back, ‘As opposed to a nasty woman?’ Gingrich added that he thinks she’ll be the nominee, and cited the battle between Clinton’s camp and Sen. Barack Obama’s team last week over Obama donor David Geffen bashing the former first couple. ‘Nobody will out-mud the Clintons,’ said Gingrich, who added that he’ll decide in the coming months whether to run for the White House.

“He called Clinton’s political team one of the most ‘talented’ in U.S. history, but ‘endlessly ruthless.’ ‘You can’t beat them tactically . . . They’re too relentless, they’re too well-organized, they have too big a machine and they’ll just grind you down,’ he said. ‘If they think [Obama] is a real threat, they’ll just grind him up.’ Gingrich’s harsh comments about Clinton were surprising because he has complimented her abilities and worked with her last year on a health-care initiative. Clinton campaign spokesman Blake Zeff cited several instances in the last year where Gingrich had kind words for the senator. ‘Before Mr. Gingrich started running for president, he repeatedly praised Sen. Clinton,’ Zeff said. ‘We take him at his word then.’ During the Post session, Gingrich also: Dubbed Obama a great ‘counterimage’ to Clinton, but said he doesn’t think the Illinois Democrat can win. ‘If the country wants therapy, they’re going to elect Obama,’ he said.”

Newt, the country may want therapy. Have you ever watched the number one television show in this country? It’s nothing but therapy. I speak of the big O, the Oprah. Sometimes I think this country is in therapy. I think it thinks it’s in therapy. I think it’s been placed in therapy. It reacts to people who treat them as though they are. Clinton treated people exactly as if we are all in therapy. If the country wants therapy, Obama may have a better chance than Newt thinks. He said the Republicans, Newt did, “need to nominate a Ronald Reagan type candidate and added, I think it’s not an accident that Giuliani is running as well as he is in the polls. He called New York’s evolution under Giuliani a tremendous story. ‘It’s a different city now.'” He went on and on, but the highlights of his comments had to do with the nastiness and the endlessly ruthless nature of Hillary and her campaign machine.

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