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RUSH: Jack Murtha, Pennsylvania, said last week that voters in his district and in western Pennsylvania are racists. Yesterday in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, Channel 4 Pittsburgh, WTAE talking to Murtha, and he added this to the racist comment.

MURTHA: What I mean is, there’s still folks that have a problem voting for somebody ’cause they’re black. This whole area years ago was — was really redneck, particularly older people. They’re hesitant, they want change but they don’t want to see things go too far.

RUSH: So here you have once again a Democrat insulting their own voters, they’re racists and they’re rednecks. You’ve got Barney Frank promising, (paraphrasing) ‘There’s a lot of rich people out there, we’re going to have all kinds of new taxes, lot of rich people, you can tax them a year from now and make up, get some of this money back.’ They’re destroying Joe the Plumber, and this is the caring party? This is the party of compassion?

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