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“We’re being told to rally behind McCain, when he’s not even the nominee yet. The Patriots were inevitable until they played the game.”

“Who are these Drive-Bys? I mean, here they are ripping me to shreds, and yet they want me on their news networks to analyze election results? I’m going to save my comments for you people!”

“It’s pro-choicers who are voting for McCain.Well, that’s who liberals are; they’re scared to death to be pro-life because they’ll be identified with those creepy Christians.”

“Snerdley, I wouldn’t dare say: ‘Okay, now I have a buddy on the town council — now I’m going to get the turtle light problem fixed.’ I’ll get this turtle light thing handled on my own!”

“The Politico today basically says it’s McCain’s character that is putting him over the top. Well, let me ask you: Is it character when you lie about your opponent’s position on timetables for withdrawal from Iraq? And, after proven to have been wrong about it, continue the lie?”

“If we expand as a party because we have a candidate who’s trying to attract liberals by being like them, then the party’s going to be around — but you won’t recognize it.”

“I got a whole bunch of Hutch e-mails saying: ‘Are you going to talk about how right I was?’ And he was: Brady got sacked three times or more and the Patriots lost. The Hutch called it.”

“Why wouldn’t Bob Shrum be excited about McCain? If I were any liberal Democrat, I’d be excited to see the Republican Party basically urinate on its conservatives, too.”

“I was prepping for my party and I got Howard Kurtz’s e-mail. I said: ‘Howard, come on! It’s Super Bowl weekend! You think I’m thinking about Super Tuesday?’ He apologized and said: ‘Those of us in the media focus on Super Tuesday.’ I said: ‘I know, but I can multitask.'”

“I’m now a ‘potentate’. I started out at tribal chief, then I ran a herd, and now I’m a potentate. Next I’m going to be a mullah — you wait.”


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