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“Obama’s either a useful idiot, or he’s worse. I, frankly, think he’s worse. I think he’s stupid, but he’s been trained well.”

“I’ll tell you what’s become abundantly clear to me (and I don’t care whether you’re talking about domestic policy or foreign policy): it’s not about the United States anymore, it’s about Barack Obama. I really do believe the guy’s got a God complex.”

“So now our president has been compared favorably to a communist dictator, Mikhail Gorbachev. I can’t help but think of the idiots on our side, the so-called intelligent conservatives, who kept saying, ‘Well, at least he’s a centrist.'”

“Obama doesn’t care if our money is spent well or not. His goal is to crush the private sector, and he just got through palling around with people who have crushed their own private sectors in their own countries.”

“My enemies are not to be gotten along with. I’m not out to show my enemies that I care about them. I’m not out to show my enemies that I’m not what they think I am. I’m out to defeat them.”

“When was the last time President Obama spoke to me? He doesn’t speak to me. He’s directed his hacks to attack me while he makes friends with the enemies of the United States of America.”

“Obama says he’s cutting $52 million from the budget over five years by purchasing office supplies in bulk. That’s a damn insult! I’m getting to the point of getting fed up to the point where I can’t speak intelligently about this anymore!”

“Nobody thought we’d even equalwhat we raised last year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society just because of the recession, so to increase the dollar amount by 25% — and the number of donors by 45% — is just beautifully amazing.”

“If one bad ex-military guy can force Janet Napolitano to keep watch on all former military people, then I would think we also need to keep a sharp eye on all of Obama’s friends and associates since two of them, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, actually blew up the Pentagon.”

“President Obama probably had a copy of the book Chavez game him: ‘Okay, I gotta act like I don’t know what this is, but I’m sure it’s in the library somewhere.'”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“If you want to find out what Obama’s next moves are going to be, just keep a sharp eye on Hugo Chavez.”

“By a wide margin, the man most Americans view as the leader of American conservatism — dwarfing the nearest competitor by almost twice — is me. Nothing against the nearest competitor (I’m happy to be on the team, folks), but I’m the head honcho.”

“Harvard’s endowment is down almost $2 billion, and Larry Summers is now in charge of our economic recovery. These idiot eggheads end up in charge of things, and the next thing you know, trouble ensues.”

“People like you, John, will give up your freedom if it means putting Bush in jail. God save our country from people like you.”

“We all know why this global warming stuff is being done: it is a worldwide fleece of money from western nations — particularly the United States — being orchestrated by a bunch of far-left, radical hacks who seek to attack individual liberty and freedom and capitalism.”

“Liberalism stinks. It’s insidious. It’s a disease. However, it is curable. This show has been shown to cure liberalism in certain patients, although it takes repeated exposure and, oftentimes, support groups out there.”

“Story: ‘Somali pirates seized a tanker carrying more than $20 million of crude oil from Saudi Arabia to the United States.’ Now, if these little pirates were smart, they would threaten to burn the oil unless the Copenhagen crowd gave them a billion or so bucks.”

“We have document after document, research paper after research paper, proving that the earth is not even warming, much less that we have anything to do with it! Sorry. My blood pressure is okay, folks. I just don’t suffer fools well.”

“The earth warms and the earth cools, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it either way. If we can’t fix it, we didn’t cause it.”

“The people of this country got hoodwinked and bamboozled and elected an international socialist who has no particular love or appreciation for American exceptionalism, and he’s marching out there with every weapon at his disposal.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“The Tea Party are not professional political people. They’re just average citizens, and as such they are rubes to be humored, according to the ruling class.”

“So there’s a big, big major conservative weekend which concludes with Ron Paul winning a straw poll. I mean, nothing against Ron Paul, but come on, folks! Let’s get real here.”

“Dick Cheney got heckled and was called a ‘war criminal’ and a ‘draft dodger’ at CPAC. I’m sorry, but that’s not the CPAC that I’ve always thought of or known.”

“Illegal immigration affects communities all across the country, including their schools, their health care, and law enforcement budgets, and we’re told to accept it or ignore it — otherwise we’re racist.”

“Reagan wanted to win by running as a conservative, not some hyphenated conservative, and not a special interest conservative. He understood that if the culture crumbles, the society crumbles.”

“Did you know the ‘city of New York gave away more than 36 million free New York City condoms last year, and they are prepared to hand out as many as people need this year’? And they wonder why they’re broke.”

“Let me ask very quickly: Has anything that Obama has done worked? Is there more economic prosperity today than when he took office? Are there more jobs in the country today than when he took office?”

“You know who’s mad at Berlusconi? Italian women! It’s about time! Seriously! They’re marching on Berlusconi as women in this country should’ve marched on Clinton.”

“When a would-be presidential candidate says, ‘Let’s put aside the social issues,’ what does it mean? The left right now is in federal court demanding that judges impose an agenda on the nation that was voted down at the ballot box. What do we do in response to that? Ignore it?”

“We’re here for broadcast excellence as only I can do it. In fact, that’s why the network is named the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.”

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