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“The Democrats want all these jobs, but they hate the engine that creates them. It’s just absolute hatred of capitalism. It’s amazing.”

“If the Medicare prescription drug benefit is so bad, President Obama — if it’s such a strain and drain on us — then repeal it.”

“Obama’s spending is much higher than Republican spending. Obama is delusional, and he’s being a little bit disingenuous.”

“There aren’t any middle-class tax cuts in Obama’s budget. There are one-time tax rebates, but there aren’t any middle-class tax cuts, and the middle class knows it.”

“They’ve got windmills in Minnesota. You know what? The windmills have stopped working. You know why? Because it’s cold!”

“‘Letting the Bush tax cuts expire’ is known as ‘raising taxes.'”

“Barack Obama cannot tell the truth. Constitutionally, he’s not capable of telling the truth.”

“The fact that you don’t want their health care bill means Democrats will want it even more. They hold us in contempt.”

“When’s the last time you saw a Republican get any meaningful coverage on TV to grandstand or look like an idiot, either one?”

“The White House keeps saying KSM is guilty. If this trial does take place in a civilian court with American rules of justice, this case gets thrown out the first day — and if you are Eric Holder, and if you are Barack Obama and you want these defendants to get off scot-free, this is the way you do it.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“A year ago they were on the verge of getting the ring. The ring was two centimeters away from the finger and now it’s on the floor and they can’t find it.”

“The American people don’t want any part of this health care bill. They’re still going to ram this thing down our throats. They do not care. It’s a suicide pact. That’s all you can say this thing is.”

“The reason I flunked speech is because I didn’t do outlines in college. I gave every speech, but I didn’t outline them, so I got an F. They should have called the course Outline 101.”

“This is a $1 trillion plan and it’s going to insure everybody that’s uninsured, 31 million people now, and it’s not going to add to the deficit. Do you believe that? Yeah, it’s magical. It’s pure magic.”

“We conservatives don’t need prompters. It’s in our hearts, in our minds. We’ve refined it over years and years and years of our lives.”

“One year after the inauguration of Barack Obama there is a conservative ascendancy within the Republican Party, and it needs to be encouraged, not beaten down. It needs to be inspired. We need to thank them and join them, which we will continue to do here at the EIB Network.”

“Aren’t you nervous when you see an individual lusting for power? Here’s hundreds of thousands of these little people lusting for power. They want their hands forever on the US Treasury. Don’t ignore the fact that it’s all about money.”

“I want to propose my own health care plan. It’s very simple. The first part of my plan will pay every Senator $10 million personally to vote against this. I will then pay as many union chiefs as I can find $15 million each to not support this. I guarantee you it would be what’s going to happen anyway, and it will be a lot cheaper than going through the motions of passing this thing.”

“Do you know how many times the word tax is mentioned in Obama’s health care bill? Thirty-five times ‘tax’ is mentioned in the Obama health care bill.”

“Sometimes, folks, the greatest ideas happen on the fly.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“People in this country today do not think, by a wide margin, that they should be paying for others in this country who don’t want to work or pay for their homes or pay for their health insurance.”

“A true, genuine wacko, ladies and gentlemen, by the name of Michael Posner has apologized to the ChiComs for our Arizona immigration law.”

“What the environmentalist wackos are making us do is drill down 35,000 feet, 6.6 miles, when there’s oil practically begging to be taken out of the ground in areas that are now off-limits because of US regime regulations.”

“If a sex offender can be kept in jail indefinitely, why not a terrorist?”

“I know this is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way, but the term ‘social justice’ just means liberalism. ‘Human rights’ just means liberalism. ‘Fairness’ just means liberalism.”

“The Obama administration wants the ChiComs to treat its citizens better. We in America would like to be treated better by our regime.”

“There is a rising ascension of conservatism here against socialism, big government, and the Obama way of doing things.”

“It’s unconstitutional for a city, region or state to boycott any other city, region, or state. Only the Congress can regulate interstate commerce. Mayors can’t. Governors can’t.”

“There is more partisan divide in this country than at any time in my life.”

“Just a year and a half after the election of ‘The One who we’ve all been waiting for,’ The Messiah, why is there anger?”

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