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“McCain’s going to try to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, and won’t raise taxes other than for global warming stuff. We’ll work on that.”

“There’s been an element of the Republican Party that has always been somewhat shy of having conservatism as the dominant force.”

“The messiah, Barack Obama, is now accusing the Republicans of race. Never mind it was the Democrat Party that made racism and sexism the hallmarks of their campaign. This is typical. This is Obama trying to shut it all down, and it actually is insulting.”

“The Puffster is one of Obama’s big supporters, and guess what? Daschle’s up to his ears in ethanol. He’s on the board of three different ethanol companies.”

“I am the topic in the Drive-By Media many times, but I try not to make myself the topic of this program. However, there are those occasions where it is unavoidable for me to talk about me.”

“There is no rational explanation for liberalism, folks. One of the biggest mistakes we all make is trying to explain it rationally.”

“The nomination of McCain is basically an attempt to rid the Republican Party of conservative influence, as you can see by McCain consistently reaching out across the aisle to independents and Democrats.”

“Brian Lehrer is a good card-carrying New York liberal, and he’s very dull as a result. He’s very boring and very dry. And as such, is regaled as very intelligent.”

“The fact of the matter is that up ’til now, the Republican Party base has been conservative, and it still is. If you go back and look at McCain’s primary campaign, you will see he clearly was trying to wear the hat of Ronald Reagan warrior, Ronald Reagan inheritor.”

“No matter what it is, the liberals are always on offense and setting the agenda and causing us to respond to it.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“Is Michelle Obama pregnant? She’s wearing stuff that makes her look like it. I’m wondering if she’s going to announce it tonight in her speech.”

“I pleaded with The Messiah, the Lord Barack Obama, the Most Merciful, to give me Joe Biden. And he came through in a botched text message announcement.”

“There’s not an English word made to describe the lack of energy in the brain of Nancy Pelosi. Stupid doesn’t cut it. Silly doesn’t cut it. She doesn’t know that natural gas is a fossil fuel.”

“It is part of a media template that every year we’re going to get rid of big money and special interests, and we never do. It’s never, ever going to happen, either party. Money is the mother’s milk of politics.”

“Biden’s been in the Senate longer than McCain’s been in the Senate. Change?”

“Joe Biden now has an unfair advantage in the game of politics with hair that is not where God intended it to be. It’s just so unfair to Dick Cheney.”

“There’s no question this is a 150% ultra-leftist ticket, and it is topped and led by a community agitator leftist from the wards of Chicago.”

“The news business is running Obama’s campaign and vice versa.”

“Lobbyists and special interests are as much a part of the electoral process as voters are.”

“If 60% of the American people are conservative and they say I’m preaching to the choir, it’s a pretty big choir.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“The New Deal didn’t solve anything. It prolonged the Great Depression. Obama is set to follow in FDR’s footsteps.”

“Algore has nothing on Bernie Madoff. Do you realize the global warming hoax is larger in scope than Bernie Madoff’s scheme?”

“The Drive-Bys and the environmentalist wackos have their agenda, so anything abnormal weather-wise is said to be the result of climate change.”

“Rembrandt had a brother named Murray, and he couldn’t paint a house? So you see ‘DNA only takes you so far,’ says Gary Ackerman — and that’s quite a cut to say of Caroline Schlossberg that she has been ‘Palinized.'”

“The way that you bolster members of the middle class is you take those who are lower middle class or out of the middle class on the bottom, and you elevate them so that they join the middle class. This is what capitalism does.”

“Obama and his team want to spend and spend and spend, and they don’t want to do this to rescue the economy. What they’re trying to rescue is the Democrat Party.”

“Everything that goes wrong is going to be laid at the feet of George W. Bush. When Obama is inaugurated, and when it’s time to expand our troop presence in Afghanistan, and when it’s time not to get out of Iraq, I can tell you what they’re going to say. ‘Well, we didn’t know all that we now know during the campaign.'”

“Somebody sent me a note and said, ‘Look, Nixon did the same thing as Obama. Nixon had these pregnant pauses where he was thinking.’ How come Obama is treated one way and Nixon another? It’s the template. Obama’s thoughtful. Obama’s The Messiah. Obama’s deep. Nixon was a schemer. All Republicans are schemers.”

“The Democrats want to lower expectations. They’re already trying to manage Obama’s legacy before he even takes office. Isn’t this kind of like the guy running as Superman and telling us he’s just Clark Kent?”

“Some people — with the highest of reputations, the most impeccable reputations — are now toast ’cause they were associated with Madoff. I’ll guarantee you, in the privacy of their homes they’re devastated, not just over the money that was swindled, but because of the loss of stature that they feel.”

You’re Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!

“Bush’s recession was better than Obama’s recovery.”

“You know, my friends, I have a favorite Shakespeare quote that I use frequently on this broadcast: ‘Brevity is the soul of wit.’ I will adapt it: ‘Strength is the soul of victory.’ Ronald Reagan understood that. Obama believes in neither. He’s simply a blowhard who believes his personal control is the soul of victory.”

“You know what General Sherman said about war? He said, ‘War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over,’ and nukes are about as cruel as it gets.”

“Have you noticed that they’ve stopped using the word ‘stimulus’ now? They don’t use the word ‘stimulus’ every time they talk about it because it’s not working.”

“Bill Clinton said last September, ‘The minute health care reform is passed, President Obama’s approval ratings will go up ten points.’ Obama didn’t get a bump, health care didn’t get a bump, and the unpopularity continues to rise as do Obama’s disapproval numbers.”

“When was the last time you heard any politician in Washington talk about the great promise of this country?”

“Obama looks at this country as a crime. He looks at the country as a problem in the world. He looks at the country as something that needs to be cut down to size.”

“If you miss CBS, watch NBC. Miss NBC, watch ABC. Miss ABC, watch CNN. You miss all that, pick up the New York Times or any other newspaper. It’s all the same.”

“This is the first time that we are led by somebody who wants to preside over America’s decline.”

“The story of America really is overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. As a nation, as individuals, that has been the definition of our strength and greatness.”

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