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“Question: Will Kwame Kilpatrick resign and run for governor in New York? This is the pressing question we have here at the EIB Network.”

“Bill Richardson has survived the weekend. So the lesson for you superdelegates is that you can vote against Hillary Clinton and, for at least four days, you can survive.”

“I remain a little puzzled at the surprise factor people have when they learn that the Clintons lie: ‘Rush, we know they lie, but there’s proof now!’ There’s been proof for 20 years!”

“Bill Richardson’s smart enough to know that we can paint pictures in our minds of what Hillary does when she gets ‘a little bit heated.'”

“If, in James Carville’s mind, Bill Richardson is Judas, what does that make Clinton? Christ. These sickos, folks.”

“The biggest challenge you have when you buy your first home is kicking the homeless, who have been living there since it was abandoned during the foreclosure period, out of it.”

“Obama’s unfavorable rating rivals Mrs. Clinton’s now. I think this is one of the reasons they trotted out Bill Richardson with the Fu Manchu beard.”

“Bill Clinton is not saying here that Obama doesn’t love the country, but even if he had said that, it would depend on what ‘love’ means in the Clinton vernacular.”

“The elderly are true patriots — they care about the future of the country long beyond their time as citizens in this country, and that is irreplaceable. That is the kind of thing that keeps us going.”

“If a moderate independent candidate like John McCain cannot get the Chuck Hagel endorsement, where are we? This is troubling, ladies and gentlemen.”


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