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RUSH: Michelle (My Belle) Obama. Listen to this sound bite. This was on a syndicated morning radio show, and she talked about her husband Barack and the 2010 midterms. Listen to this.

MICHELLE: We got this man in office. I think we’re all proud of Barack and his accomplishments. Everybody I know in our communities are praying for us, every day. It means all the world to us to know that there are prayer circles out there and people who are keeping the spirits clean around us. This election is gonna make a statement about whether, you know, Barack’s power and support is as deep. There are people who are questioning whether his support is as deep, you know? They want to make out like, well, this is just a one-time thing.

RUSH: Keep the spirits clean around us, pray to keep the spirits clean around us. They’re jumping all over Christine O’Donnell for supposedly dabbling in witchcraft. There’s something about Obama and clean. You remember Joe Bite Me said, (paraphrasing) ‘You got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.’ Bite Me says that. Now Michelle says, ‘It means all the world to us to know that there are prayer circles out there and people who are keeping the spirits clean around us.’ Now, help me here, folks. This is new to me. I’m not versed in the hygiene of spirits. I had no idea it was an issue for prayer. I mean, it’s always dangerous to start going down this road, but I’m unfamiliar with Christian spirits. My Bible doesn’t make reference to Harry Potter or Halloween. I’m confused. I mean the fact is I guess I’m going to have to get caught up on this whole concept of identifying individual spirits and then get some tutoring on how to determine if my particular circle of spirits has access to washrooms and bathrooms and dental care, earwax. So what is this? The hygiene, keep the spirits clean.

Look, don’t get me wrong. Try getting me right on this. I’m a pro-clean guy, whether it’s pollution, political candidates, ghosts or goblins, but I’ve never heard of this. I’ve never heard of prayer circles and keeping the spirits clean around us. I mean I’ve been praying for things like my family and friends’ health, the country, things of this nature. And now I learn that we’re supposed to be praying for the hygiene of the spirits? (interruption) No, no, no. I’m not trying to… I just don’t get it. There’s more and more coming out of this White House policy-wise and this kind of stuff that just makes me scratch my head.

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