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RUSH: Ron in blue state New York. Nice to have you with the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. Mr. Limbaugh?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: My name is Ron. I’m an outsider. I usually attack the outsiders. Asking us why do we call. I’m an outsider. I’m a non-dittohead, but at 12:27 you misinformed the public about how crude oil is — how it, it — where it really comes from. And I challenge you as to — on the air right now as to —

RUSH: What did I say about where it comes from?

CALLER: Yeah, you made a claim on — you made a claim that —

RUSH: What I said was we need to look at oil as a crop.

CALLER: I challenge you to actually grow crude oil, and I challenge you right now on the air to grow crude oil and that’s what you claimed at 12:27.

RUSH: I can show you the —

CALLER: I’m a volunteer for Media Matters!

RUSH: I can show you —

CALLER: I’m a volunteer for Media Matters! In fact, a couple days ago I —

RUSH: I knew it! (laughing) He’s a volunteer for Media Matters. ‘Limbaugh says oil is a crop, challenged by Media Matters volunteer to show where we can grow oil.’ (laughing)


RUSH: I love the volunteer for Media Matters for America who admits he’s out there monitoring this program. Let me expand on this oil being a crop business. How many of you eat virgin olive oil? Where does it come from? Comes from olives, which grow on what? They grow on vines, do they not, and trees. And they produce oil. We sure as hell grow oil. I, on my property, my expansive estate here in Palm Beach, Florida, I myself grow oil. I have multiple coconut palm trees. Coconuts, in addition to producing milk and other delicious things, produce coconut oil. Coconut oil happens to be the best oil in the world in which to pop popcorn, which I do. I do not use Wesson, nothing wrong with it; I do not use Mazola; I do not use flaxseed; I do not use sunflower; I use coconut oil. I don’t grow the coconut oil that I use, but I do grow oil.

But let me expand even further on this notion of oil as a crop, because you leftists and you liberals out there who look at oil as some scourge of the planet, offend me greatly with your ignorance, ignorance the greatest, most expensive commodity we have in this country, the ignorance of people, particularly liberals. The proof of the ignorance of liberals is that Mrs. Hillary Clinton is a viable candidate for anything above president of Wellesley College. And yet she is. The ignorance of the role of oil on this planet and its ecology and in the human condition is frustrating and maddening to me. All of you global warming hoax believers, you can sit out there and you can pray and you can get involved because the rest of your life is meaningless, and you can make yourself think you’re getting involved in a cause because you matter, and you’re going to save the planet. But I have a dirty little secret for you. I don’t care what you do, you are not going to stop the use of oil, nor are you going to stop the free flow of oil at market prices on this planet.

If the free flow of oil at market prices were ever interrupted and shut down, society and civilization as we know it, would die. We would freeze in the winter. We would sweat ourselves to death in some cases in the summertime. Our transportation would cease to exist. There would be no travel industry, nothing. There would be no grocery stores; there would be no food, other than what you grew in the backyard. Now, the idea that you people think you’re going to get rid of this is literally insane. But let me go a step further and say something that’s really going to offend you. See, I happen to believe — and this belief, by the way, does a great deal to inform my belief on global warming and a number of other climate issues, science issues or what have you. Let me just say it, shouting it here from the mountaintops. I believe in God. And I believe in the God of creation.

I believe this planet was created, along with the rest of the universe, by God. And thus, I believe everything on this planet was created by God. And, yes, there’s some things on this planet that are dangerous like the Colorado horn toad or whatever, if you lick it, you can have a hallucinogenic experience. You got poison ivy out there. There’s all kinds of poisonous snakes. Yes, God put some things on the planet that are very dangerous, but they serve their role in their own ecosystems, and many of these things exist to protect life from being slaughtered by predators. So we deal with it, we learn about it, and we learn to respect it. The left, the militant environmentalist wacko community in this country has succeeded in portraying oil as in and of itself a pollutant, a filthy, dirty, rotten scourge that must not be mined or brought up to the surface, must not be drilled for and must not be used. It’s a fossil fuel. I can show you research from scientists in the field of petroleum who think that the Earth is still manufacturing it. It is a crop no different than any other crop that must be harvested in order to sell it. Just because God put the oil here and you, the farmer, did not, does not make it any less genuine a commodity, nor does it make it a pollutant.

We don’t have the ability to synthetically make oil. Well, we can mess around with synthetic motor oils and so forth by the can. We have more of this stuff on this Earth, and as the price continues to rise, we’re going to have an easier time getting it because the price is what’s standing in the way of extracting it from ice shelves deep down and shale and this sort of thing. But there’s oil all over the place. It’s not a scourge. It is the fuel of the engine of freedom, and democracy, and prosperity, and looking at it as a crop is no different than you would look at trees. Trees also, we can’t touch those, we’ve gotta maintain a pristine countryside. Why, God didn’t intend for trees to be cut down. Like hell he didn’t, the most beautiful thing that happens to a tree is when you cut it down, becomes a piano, becomes homes, becomes a baseball bat. I had some guy send me some beautiful pens. I’m showing them for those of you on the Dittocam. These pens are hand-carved from wood. Wood is from trees. You people on the left would like to put this guy out of business, beautiful things, God created for us to use and exploit and manage for our own advancement. And somehow oil has ended up being a scourge and something that is dirty and rotten, and in the wrong place as it is. And, yeah, sometimes oil gets spilled when drunk tanker drivers run into sea otters up in Alaska. But that’s part of the process.

Guess who cleaned up Prince William Sound the best? It was so ridiculous to have people out there with bottles of Dawn dishwasher detergent and paper towels wiping off rocks. Mother Nature herself cleans up messes like this. You know that oil is leaking through cracks in the ocean floor every day? How come you never see the oil bubble up from the depths of the ocean? It’s because the ocean, the brine, the seawater, it is so powerful, it destroys it. It eats it up. How come the oil from a spill, how come it always vanishes? We never can really clean it all up. We can try to contain it with nets and so forth. The sea eats it up! These things are a naturally occurring cycle. We are stewards here; we are passengers; we are spectators. The idea that we have any control over the ecosystems, the weather systems — we got an ice storm in the Midwest, 600,000 people without power, probably due to global warming. We couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it, it’s heading to Illinois. We can’t do a damn thing to stop it, all we can do is get ready for it. Well, people in Illinois can. We are powerless.

Yet we have to realize the beauty and the awe of what has been given us via Creation. We have discovered oil, and look what we have done with it? We have increased the prosperity of human life on this planet like nothing in thousands of years prior to the discovery, and it was only discovered in the 1800s. When I say look at it as a crop, I simply mean, don’t buy into the notion that it is poison, that it is something that needs to be unused. Don’t buy into the notion that oil’s very existence means the destruction and death of other life-forms. Just the opposite is true. If you want to imagine a world without it, you can go ahead and try building your little wind farm or your little solar panels up on your house and you can see how far it will get you to the grocery store, which will not have any food because nobody’s going to have any means of transporting it or growing it to get it to the grocery store. You’re going to be growing your own stuff. We’re going to be back to the way it was in the 1700s, and how many of you know how to be farmers? So I just resent all to hell people who — ignorance in this country is the most expensive commodity we have.

Ignorance in this country is what permits somebody like Hillary Clinton to even be considered a viable candidate for anything. Ignorance is what allows liberalism to get away with the global warming hoax, pure ignorance. I’m not talking about stupidity. Ignorance is simply the result of not knowing something. Education is supposed to teach you things, but guess who has control of the education system and guess how they’re using it? It’s not an education system. It’s a propaganda system more or less today, where hoaxes are spread, via the Algore movie, and, of course, oil is one of the big enemies. It’s sort of like Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri. They promise all these great delights to these ignorant people who they have convinced to strap bombs on their one-year-old babies and blow ’em up to kill hundreds of other people. Death and destruction and martyrdom and the cause is such a wonderful thing, but you never see Bin Laden, or Zawahiri, or any of the others blowing themselves up. They’re not eager to get to heaven for the 73 virgins.

By the same token, all of the huge advocates of getting rid of oil, fossil fuels, or what have you, telling you to stop traveling as much, alter your lifestyle — do you see them changing their lives at all? They might buy a little hybrid and putz around in it in public, but you don’t see them getting in their private jet — Algore, how did he get to Oslo? He took a bus or a train from Oslo into town to receive his Nobel Peace Prize, a Mercedes limousine took his luggage. How did he get there? I guarantee you he didn’t go on a boat. So he gets this public display and got the picture of himself on this silly little train going in to accept his Nobel Peace Prize. It’s the same point. The leaders of this movement who claim we must all change the way we live, reduce our lifestyles, are not doing any of it at all. In which case, I challenge their leadership.

By the way, I want to renew a bet. I will bet my life’s fortune against Algore’s that what he predicts in 2030 will not happen. If he’s so convinced, or Laurie David, or any of these other global warming advocates are so convinced that Manhattan is going to be flooded or whatever else they’re predicting, I’m offering them a chance to win huge amounts of money. If they’re so convinced, and they’re the ones out there preaching, literally preaching, telling us we have to alter our lifestyles, I’ll put everything I’ve got up against everything one of them has, that what they’re saying is wrong. If they are so confident, they ought to be willing to take me up on this this afternoon. But I will not hear from them. I made this offer six months ago, and I’ll make it again in future days, and I still won’t hear from them.


RUSH: The debate on this energy business, the debate is not clean energy versus dirty energy. The debate is about real energy versus fantasy energy. That’s what the left has given us. We’re debating real energy that has a proven track record versus fantasy energy. And, of course, the debate’s bogus anyway, because the people behind this are just angling for greater control over people’s lives. I’m telling you, the militant environmental movement is simply the new home of displaced communists and socialists after the fall of the Soviet Union.

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