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Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn filled on
Wednesday while Rush began his Christmas vacation.

“They’re going to tax you when you go in to get your artificial tan, in order
to subsidize health care for families making $96,000 per year.” -Steyn

• NYT: Senate Shifts Tax to Tanning Beds
• John F-ing Kerry: Health Bill Will Help State

“Democrats are going to do something our side doesn’t: Use
their moment. They understand that if they use their 60 votes
to ram through this health care plan, they can take the hit in
2010, and have the architecture for government annexation
of a huge chunk of the individual American’s life. Once you
do that, it makes small government all but impossible.” -Steyn

• Reuters: Senate Sets Christmas Eve Vote on U.S. Debt Limit

“People say, ‘Ooooh, we’re outsourcing all these jobs overseas.’ Good! I tell you, I’d rather hire someone from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, or Uzbekistan than a New Yorker. There’s no incentive to hire!” -Steyn
• Heritage: Why is the AMA Supporting a 20% Pay Cut for Their Members?
• LAT: Schwarzenegger to Seek Federal Help for California Budget

“According to the NYTimes, people may be ‘incorrectly using stimulus tax breaks.’
Incorrectly! Hey, why not? If John Kerry and Ben Nelson are cashing in, go for it!” -Steyn

• NYT: Thousands May Incorrectly Be Using Stimulus Tax Breaks

“Eventually you’ll wind up the way other socialized, bureaucratic systems work: The medical profession ceases to be a middle class profession, and you end up importing doctors from wherever you can get them.” -Rush

• UK Telegraph: Britain “Still Poaching” Third World’s Doctors
“If you talk to the environmental crowd, they don’t care if it’s global warming or global cooling, or whether it’s 54 and partly cloudy. The whole thing is an excuse to expand government. That’s why if it’s hot, you need more government regulation; if it’s cold, you need more government regulation. Between the two of them, health care and the environment, that licenses the government to regulate every single thing you do in your life.” -Steyn
• Brit Priest: Thou Shalt Not Steal (Unless It’s From Big Business)
• UKT: Father Tim Jones was Helping Himself, but Not Helping the Poor

“Mary and Joseph were not ‘homeless.’ They couldn’t get a hotel room and they had to sleep in a stable,
only because dad had to schlep halfway across the country to pay his taxes in the town of his birth.” -Steyn

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