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Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn filled on
Wednesday while Rush began his Christmas vacation.

“They’re going to tax you when you go in to get your artificial tan, in order
to subsidize health care for families making $96,000 per year.” -Steyn

• NYT: Senate Shifts Tax to Tanning Beds
• John F-ing Kerry: Health Bill Will Help State

“Democrats are going to do something our side doesn’t: Use
their moment. They understand that if they use their 60 votes
to ram through this health care plan, they can take the hit in
2010, and have the architecture for government annexation
of a huge chunk of the individual American’s life. Once you
do that, it makes small government all but impossible.” -Steyn

• Reuters: Senate Sets Christmas Eve Vote on U.S. Debt Limit

“People say, ‘Ooooh, we’re outsourcing all these jobs overseas.’ Good! I tell you, I’d rather hire someone from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, or Uzbekistan than a New Yorker. There’s no incentive to hire!” -Steyn
• Heritage: Why is the AMA Supporting a 20% Pay Cut for Their Members?
• LAT: Schwarzenegger to Seek Federal Help for California Budget

“According to the NYTimes, people may be ‘incorrectly using stimulus tax breaks.’
Incorrectly! Hey, why not? If John Kerry and Ben Nelson are cashing in, go for it!” -Steyn

• NYT: Thousands May Incorrectly Be Using Stimulus Tax Breaks

“Eventually you’ll wind up the way other socialized, bureaucratic systems work: The medical profession ceases to be a middle class profession, and you end up importing doctors from wherever you can get them.” -Rush

• UK Telegraph: Britain “Still Poaching” Third World’s Doctors
“If you talk to the environmental crowd, they don’t care if it’s global warming or global cooling, or whether it’s 54 and partly cloudy. The whole thing is an excuse to expand government. That’s why if it’s hot, you need more government regulation; if it’s cold, you need more government regulation. Between the two of them, health care and the environment, that licenses the government to regulate every single thing you do in your life.” -Steyn
• Brit Priest: Thou Shalt Not Steal (Unless It’s From Big Business)
• UKT: Father Tim Jones was Helping Himself, but Not Helping the Poor

“Mary and Joseph were not ‘homeless.’ They couldn’t get a hotel room and they had to sleep in a stable,
only because dad had to schlep halfway across the country to pay his taxes in the town of his birth.” -Steyn

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Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn filled on
Monday while Rush enjoys his Christmas vacation.

“Every time we respond to one of these incompetent plots by banning
books on laps or snow globes, we hand the terrorists a victory.
This reactive approach to homeland security will be a disaster.” – Steyn

• WP: Obama Addresses Airline Security in Low-Key Fashion
• NYT: Security System Failed, Napolitano Acknowledges

“Terrorists win by terrorizing, and they terrorize
by getting you to change your behavior.” – Steyn

• BBC: Bomb suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on UK Watch-List
• ABC: Abdulmutallab: More Like Me In Yemen
• AP: Feds Assess Terror Watchlists After Airline Attack

“The question is: Can we circumvent the self-castrating mechanism of political correctness sufficiently?
It’s not even about red flags anymore. It’s about common sense!” – Steyn
• Star: Reviving the Spirit of Islam

“You can congratulate yourself on how impeccably multi-cultural and non-discriminatory you are, but people are going to die because of it. Fourteen people died at Fort Hood because of political correctness.” – Steyn

• WT: A Darker Shade of Transparency

“We need more ‘Let’s roll!’ and less government regulation.” – Steyn

• AFP: Dutch Hero ‘Reacted on a Bang’ to Subdue Suspect

“The so-called greatest public speaker of our time couldn’t sell the central policy of his administration.
He couldn’t do it.” – Steyn

• FOX: Merry Christmas Fannie & Freddie

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Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn filled on
Tuesday while Rush enjoys his Christmas vacation.

“This guy didn’t hold up a liquor store. He’s not an ‘alleged’
suspect. He’s an enemy combatant trained by an
avowed enemy of the United States.” -Steyn

• ABC: Yemeni Al Qaeda kingpin is Former Guantanmo Inmate
• HA: Who’s for Waterboarding Abdulmuttalab – Before it’s Too Late?
• WP: Bomb Could Have Blown Hole in Plane
• WT: Obama Denies Crotch Bomber Conspiracy

“We need to appoint an underwear czar that
can keep the president fully briefed.” -Steyn

• SMH: Other Bombers Waiting to Strike US Flights
• Reuters: Yemen Says May Harbor up to 300 Qaeda Suspects
• NYM: Maybe Curing Terrorists With ‘Art Therapy’ Isn’t Such a Good Idea
• NYP: Lying to Ourselves

“The more the government wastes time inspecting your toothpaste and saying you can’t have a book on your lap the more it is actually giving you the illusion of security at the immense bureaucratic cost of doing anything for real security.” – Steyn

• WT: Giving and Taking Away Care

“The market works very efficiently to bleed failure out of the system and replace it with stuff that works. Right now we’re rewarding failure at the federal level and we’re going to get a lot more of it.” – Steyn

• FOX: Fannie Mae Mortgage Portfolio Shrinks, Delinquency Rates Grow

“These rockstars hold big banquets at their stately homes and serve organic food because they’re saving the planet, but they have their organic food flown in from Italy. As a result, their carbon footprint is right up there with Algores.” – Steyn

• AP: Virginia Gov.-elect McDonnell Makes Case for Moving Forward with Offshore Oil, Gas Exploration

“They’ve turned off the faucets to the water supplies for the most productive farmland in the lower 48 out in California because of a two-inch fish that they claim is threatened. These are environmental posers.” – Steyn

• WT: Plan to Turn Farms Into Forest Worries Obama Official

“By letting Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi and all the rest run away with the Big Government chariot they have alerted people to the fact that there will be a huge price to pay and enough people are beginning to say, ‘Whoooah.'” – Steyn

• HE: Pelosi Erases Gingrich’s Long-Standing Fairness Rules

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Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn filled on Monday
while Rush prepared to return to the Golden EIB Microphone.

“If we have another year likelast year we’re done for.” – Steyn

• Reuters: U.S. Growth Prospects Deemed Bleak in New Decade
• WT: A Vision for Prosperity
• NYT: That 1937 Feeling

“We’re not going to be hearing expressions like the ‘American Dream’ anymore because there won’t be an American Dream.” – Steyn

• NYT: Newark Airport Delays Cause Ripple Effect
• AP: TSA: Man Who Breached Security Soon Left
• WP: Stepped-up Screening
• NRO: The Joke’s on Us

“Every minute the TSA is screwing you around is a minute they’re not devoting to the guy with the fully loaded underpants getting on the plane.” – Steyn

• WP: TSA Tries to Assuage Privacy Concerns About Full-Body Scans
• HA: New TSA Security Measures Target 13 Muslim Countries- Plus Cuba

“We have wasted eight years profiling things (snow globes, knitting needles, shampoo) instead of profiling people.” – Steyn

• DI: Amish Eye Loophole in Health Care Proposals

“Government health care is not about health care. It’s about government.” – Steyn

• Bloomberg: Senate Has Edge in Final Health-Care Bill

“We have to roll this back big time this November to have any chance of actually preventing the world’s most dynamic economy sliding off the cliff into European style sclerosis.” – Steyn

• WP: Fannie and Freddie
• ABC: The Next Six Bailouts?

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are emblems of what has gone wrong with American capitalism. They represent the malign alliance of government distorted capitalism with opportunists in what still passes for the private sector who want to find ways to rig the market to their convenience.” – Steyn

• Reuters: Italian Opts for Jail Over New Year with Relatives

“We need candidates that understand the animating principles of the America idea and don’t just oppose what has happened the past year, but actually want to roll it back and reclaim American liberty.” – Steyn

*Note: Links to content outside RushLimbaugh.com usually become inactive over time.

Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn filled on Tuesday
while Rush prepared to return to the Golden EIB Microphone.

“Government doesn’t expand in a vacuum; it expands by shrinking the space for individual liberty.” – Steyn

• TH: Recession Drove Down Growth of Healthcare Spending for 2008
• WT: Dems Look to Skip Formality on Health Bills
• FOX: C-SPAN Challenges Congress to Open Health Care Talks
• CNN: Senior Sources: Democrats Set to Exclude GOP from Final Health Care Deliberations

“Small government means big liberty.” – Steyn

•NYT: The Tea Party Teens
•AP: Steele: GOP ‘Screwed Up’ After Reagan

“I think Republicans and conservatives should run on money in the next election. The left is spending money we don’t have, but even if we did have the money it’s wrong because it shrivels the space for men to live in freedom.” – Steyn

• NYP: Heroin for Dummies

“The line you cross when you governmentalize health care is you transform the relationship between the citizen and the state into one of pusher and junkie, which they are literally doing in New York.” – Steyn

• WP: Secret Service Confirms Third Crasher at White House State Dinner
• WP: Time for Accountability at the White House

“Having an awareness of intellectuals is a healthy sign. It’s one of the things I’ve always liked about the United States. It’s where France went wrong.” – Steyn

• NYT: As the Nation’s Pulse Races, Obama Can’t Seem to Find His

“What we see in the health care bill and what we see in homeland security are more and more encroachments on liberty. The conservative movement should stand for liberty and resist encroachments of government at all costs.” – Steyn

• DN: Joan Rivers Bumped Off Flight in Costa Rica When Continental Gate Agent Finds Passport Suspicious

“Every single jihadist now knows that if he gets captured in the U.S. he’s going to be OJ. He’s going to be provided with a lawyer and maybe one of those law firms who do pro-bono work for terrorists. This is a disgrace and it makes us less safe.” – Steyn

• NYT: Obama Meets With Security Advisers

“We are making ourselves a laughingstock to the world by going down this route and that is something that is very foolish for a global superpower to do.” – Steyn

• WE: For Obama, Terrorism is a Four-Letter Word: Bush

• Telegraph: Town’s Mayor Caught on Camera Stealing Women’s Underwear

“The underwear fetish mayor in the UK might actually be the kind of guy we need to crack down on panty bombers.” – Steyn

*Note: Links to content outside RushLimbaugh.com usually become inactive over time.

Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn filled in on Monday
while Rush was inLas Vegas to judge the Miss America Pageant.

“People won’t know the expression ‘American Dream’ in fifty years because there won’t be one. We’re spending our children’s and grandchildren’s futures. The monstrous spending is unsustainable, even in good times.” -Mark Steyn

• USAToday: Scott Brown’s Victory Ripples Across USA

“Massachusetts is a de facto one-party state. The Scott Brown
win is more significant than Virginia and New Jersey.” -Mark Steyn

• WP: Missing the Mark in Massachusetts

“You don’t tax something at 40% and expect
people to buy the same quantity of it.” -Mark Steyn

• NYT: Democrats, Get Down to Business
• NYT: After Senate Race, Some Say Barrier for Women in Massachusetts Still Stands

“Obama’s whole shtick is Mr. Cool. He’s like this James Bond type, not shaken or stirred regardless of what happens. A guy tries to blow 300people out of the sky over Detroit and he’s Mr. Cool! But people aren’t saying he’s cool anymore. They’re saying he’s aloof.” — Mark Steyn

• AP: Source: Obama to Skip Jury Duty in Chicago Suburbs

• RCP: Why I Regret Voting For President Obama

• Carville: Democrats Need to Learn the Blame Game

• Politico: Berry: Obama Said “Big Difference” Between ’10 and ’94 is “Me”

• Newsbusters: Leftwing Professor Writes Hilarious Essay About ”Conan Obama”

“There were people — including the host of this show, Rush Limbaugh — who were
telling you who Obama was back in 2008 when nobody was listening.” -Mark Steyn

• WP: Obama Should Act More Like a President Than a Prime Minister

“The last refuge of a desperate politician is when he says, ‘I’ll never
stop fighting for you.’ This was Obama in Ohio on Friday.” -Mark Steyn

• AP: Obama Announces Initiatives for Middle Class
• NYT: More (Steve) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

“Health care reform isn’t about health care, it’s about

government. It’s always about government.” -Mark Steyn

• Reuters: SEC Mulled National Security Status for AIG Details

“When you’re in a war, you don’t give Miranda rights to terrorists.” -Mark Steyn

• Politico: Podhoretz, Defending Limbaugh, Blasts Foxman’s ”Chutzpah”

“Across the Western world we are seeing the biggest resurgence in anti-Semitism since the second world war. The stupidity of Abe Foxman is not to identify the real threats to Jews and instead pick on soft targets like Rush, the best friend the Jewish people ever had.” -Mark Steyn

• NYP: Sex Life ”in the Pitts”

“Liberal government is always better in theory than it is in practice.” -Mark Steyn

*Note: Links to content outside RushLimbaugh.com usually become inactive over time.

Author Mark Steyn filled in onOpen Line Friday.

“A lot of other countries in the world would benefit from
having something like a tea party movement.” -Mark Steyn

• AP: Millions Face Tax Increases Under Dem Budget Plan
• WT: Three Million in Middle Class to Pay Health Law Penalty
• WT: Greece’s Spiraling Debt Shakes Europe

“This is the liberal worldview: They are terrific at fighting phantoms,
while letting real enemies have the run of the planet.” -Mark Steyn

• TH: Gangster Government Becomes a Long-Running Series

“They had a tea party rally up in Canada the other day,
a kind of prototype, and I think that’s a good sign.” -Mark Steyn

• NRO: Capitalism vs. Capitalists
• NRO: Goldman Sachs and the Left

“This country is the economic engine of the world, and if you look at the present cabinet of the United States of America it has less experience in the private sector than any administration of the last century.” -Mark Steyn

• Bloomberg: Steve Wynn Bets on Macau, Says Obama Damps Vegas Outlook

“Law-abiding American citizens are disagreeing with their government putting through transformative and unaffordable programs that it was never explicitly elected on. The idea that they’re just one degree of separation from Timothy McVeigh is absurd. And all the brain-dead media report this?” -Mark Steyn

• WT: Smearing the Tea Party

“The Democrats are masters at the art of the politics of personal destruction.” -Mark Steyn

• WT: Obama Implores Wall Street
“Bill Clinton is demonizing 50% of the American people who are exercising not just their democratic right, but their duty as self-relying citizens to question what government is doing by introducing an unaffordable, unprecedented, transformative 2,000-page bill.” -Mark Steyn

• PI: Center City Race Has Candidate ”Outed” as Straight
• WP: Kevin Keller Debuts as First Openly Gay Character in Archie’s Veronica Comics

“In South Africa they regulated your life according to whether you were black, white or colored (mixed race). The liberals here got mad and waged a big campaign. But now we basically have sexual Apartheid.” — Mark Steyn

• ABC: SEC Porn Problem: Officials Surfing Sites During Financial Crisis, Report Finds

“Financial regulation seems to lead to hardcore pornography habits.” -Mark Steyn

• IO: Boobquake Bid to Prove Cleric Wrong
• BBC: Iranian Cleric Blames Quakes on Promiscuous Women

“On Earth Day, President Obama and Vice President Biden flew on separate jets from Washington to New York to help plant trees. Say what you like, but when you’re looking for fellows who know how to dig a huge hole, Obama and Biden are the guys you need.” -Mark Steyn

• LAT: Obama Presses for Immigration Reform

“This idea that the Obama administration is beyond criticism? There is a name for states where the regimes are beyond criticism. They’re called one-party states, and America isn’t a one-party state. That’s why it’s important not just to wait and go to the polling booth in November, but to actually be part of the debate now. Go to the meetings now. Go to the rallies and make sure your voice is heard.” -Mark Steyn

*Note: Links to content outside RushLimbaugh.com usually become inactive over time.

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