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“What an insult to foist a $700 billion bailout
on the American people when it was completely unnecessary.” — Mark Davis

• Barron’s: John McCain’s Big Bailout Blunder
• AP: Wall Street Tumbles Amid Global Sell-Off
• CNN: Bailout 101: What New Law Says

Mark Davis: “Can you imagine the adrenaline that would be coursing through our veins — the proactive, wonderful, positive, love-the-guy feelings that we would have — if Senator McCain had stood up and said, ‘Not just no, but hell no,’ to a bailout that saddles American taxpayers so that Wall Street can be more comfortable, and Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke can say they ‘did something’?”

•USAT: Parties Target Voter Registration, Turnout
•WP: RNC to File Federal Election Commission Complaint on Barack Obama’s Fundraising Practices
•Reuters: Obama Doesn’t Weed Out Illegal Cash, GOP Says

“One of the lasting tributes to the Bush economy will be that his pro-growth

and tax cut policies kept this economy strong following 9/11.” — Mark Davis

• Bloomberg: Palin Takes “Gloves Off” Against Obama, Fills Attack-Dog Role

•NYT: The Wright Stuff
• LAT: Obama, McCain Each Target the Other’s Character
•UPI: McCain Melts Down in Michigan Pullout

“A skilled campaign bails out of states and the

people in those states don’t even know it.” –Mark Davis

• LAT: National Electoral Map: Obama Seizes 273 to Beat McCain
•Reuters: McCain-Obama Tie Possible in Presidential Race

“Wow. How about those Angels? They’re the best team in baseball

and a World Series without them would simply be problematic.” — Mark Davis

• Reuters: Angels Outlast Red Sox to Avoid Sweep

From Professor Limbaugh…
• A Limbaugh Analysis of Oil Prices • Barry Obama, Carnival Barker
• Scalia’s Brilliant, Simple Opinion Met with Total Liberal Ignorance

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