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RUSH: Talking to her (Laura in Minneapolis) gave me an idea. Coupled with the fact here: ‘FedEx Profit More Than Doubles, Tops Expectations … Sharply higher quarterly profit topping expectations.’ By the way, this is what happens when you don’t have a union. Ahem! Ahem! (clearing throat) Ahem. And now they’ve got a big target painted on them. But I was thinking here, folks, why don’t we add economic stimulus to our never-ending phone calls to Capitol Hill? What can we do next? Now, this is going to cost something but you’ll have to determine whether or not it’s worth it. All these calls are great. (877-762-8762 and 202-224-3121). But how about if everybody FedExes, UPS, Postal Service Priority Mail, overnight (or standard overnight, just make sure it gets delivered the next day) just one piece of paper: ‘VOTE NO.’ Flood DC with FedEx and UPS trucks, Saturday delivery, with just two words in there: Vote No. You gotta pick out a member of Congress to send it to. You know, and get their address. But this would be economic stimulus as well as the phone calls, too. It’s just an idea. Just an idea.

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