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RUSH: Listen to this montage yesterday and last night from the Drive-By Media.

ED HENRY: What really struck the Obama camp was how gracious President Bush was.

KATIE COURIC: It was one gracious couple welcoming another.

JAKE TAPPER: The Senator remarked how gracious President Bush was.

LISA CAPUTO: They were incredibly gracious.

BOB HERBERT: President and Mrs. Bush were extremely gracious.

GLORIA BORGER: George W. Bush has been incredibly gracious.

JAY CARNEY: President Bush has made this pretty easy by being so gracious.

KYRA PHILLIPS: It’s very gracious of President Bush.

RICHARD WOLFFE: Everything we’re hearing is that he was very, very gracious.

JOHN HARWOOD: This is President Bush at his best and, being very gracious.

BRET BAIER: …a visit that aides described as gracious.

FRED BARNES: The Bushes are very gracious and decent people.

CHRIS PLANTE: The Bushes who are very gracious people.

DAVID GERGEN: They are being gracious about it.

MIKE EMANUEL: President Bush has been totally gracious.

ALLAN LICHTMAN: President Bush has been extremely gracious.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Laura and George Bush could not have been more gracious.

PAUL ‘THE FOREHEAD’ BEGALA: The grace, class that the Bushes showed…

CHARLIE ROSE: I keep hearing reports that the President has been very gracious about all this.

RUSH: The last two voices you heard were ‘The Forehead,’ Paul Begala; and Charlie Rose. Now, this is beyond absurd and it is infuriating. Because whatever you think on policy, all of these people have known for eight years what a decent and gracious man George W. Bush is. They sought to destroy him. He didn’t fight back. Now all of a sudden that he’s being nice to Obama, he’s being nice to The Messiah, ‘Why, look at what a gracious and decent guy George W. Bush is!’ It’s another indictment of the unprofessionalism of journalists today.


RUSH: President Bush at this very moment aboard the refurbished USS Intrepid giving the annual Veterans Day address. The Fox News Channel is carrying it at the moment, and the president is looking good, sounding good. He’s a decent guy. Just gracious. He’s just being gracious as he can be out there, ladies and gentlemen, on the deck of the USS Intrepid. Speaking of gracious, Willie Brown last night was on Campbell Brown’s show No Bias, No Bull. Is that the name of her new show? Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull. Anyway, she wasn’t even there for her new show. There was a fill-in host, John Roberts, and he spoke with former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, and Roberts says, ‘What do you think incoming President-elect Barack Obama learned today from President Bush? I would expect that he wasn’t learning anything about policy.’

BROWN: I think more than anything else he probably for the first time had come to the reality that this is not necessarily an evil person; that you may have a disagreement with his views; you may have a disagreement with his policies but he’s really a charming, warm, wonderful human being. Misguided.

RUSH: (laughing) All of this was so predictable. It’s funny, but it’s infuriating. They called this man Hitler! They called him BusHitler. They burned him in effigy. They did books about assassinating him. They did movies about assassinating him. They said he was stupid! They said he was trampling on the Constitution, shredding it and using it for toilet paper, that he was spying on Americans. Now after one meeting with Obama, why, the president was so gracious and so decent! Willie Brown says, ‘He’s really a charming, warm, wonderful human being.’ Mr. Mayor, that is not what your party has said for the last eight years. You whipped your supporters and this country into a frenzy by saying that Bush is exactly that: EVIL! And he had to be impeached and all that. This is just… It’s so… These people! Do they know in the Drive-Bys, the Democrat Party, how predictable they are?

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