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RUSH: I mentioned earlier at the beginning of the program, ladies and gentlemen, that many in the Drive-By Media are orgasmic over the arrival of Jim Webb to the Democrat Party, based on his response to the State of the Union on Wednesday night. One of the examples is a piece from Salon.com. When I printed this out, it omitted the first paragraph and the authorette’s name. It’s Joan Walsh. They’re just all excited here that finally there’s a real man on the scene. They gave it a shot with John Kerry, it didn’t work out.

But now Jim Webb. They got a guy that can go on TV and talk about his family’s military history, and he also didn’t vote against the war, and he can look tough and make the Democrats look tough, which to me is ironic because all these years the Democrats have been trying to feminize our culture, and they’ve succeeded, the liberals have. They’ve been telling us just how wonderful women are in position of power and it’s so different and so unique and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and then, of course, we had to accept the trashing of men at the same time. Let me just read you some excerpts here. “It turned out that on television, there was a zero-sum game of political credit for Democrats, so Webb’s win meant that others lost — and mainly that seemed to mean liberals and women, especially liberal women like Nancy Pelosi. On MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Mike Barnicle were tripping over themselves to laud the manly Webb, and thank their lucky stars that the Dems hadn’t picked somebody who’d have used his or her time to fulminate over gay marriage or other effete concerns. ‘He didn’t mention a woman’s right to choose. He didn’t talk about civil unions,’ Matthews gushed. Barnicle called Webb a member of the Democratic Party of my youth, of your youth, Chris, and went on to mention a list of men, men, men.”

Now, whoever it is that wrote this and wherever this appeared then wrote next, “I happen to love Matthews on ‘Hardball’. He is what he is, an old-school political junkie, an insider’s insider who was wrong about impeachment but right about the Iraq war, who likes his men tough and his ladies pretty, and doesn’t bother to hide it. He can get silly with women guests, but never sillier than when he’s fawning over manly men. (I’ll never forget the way, after savaging Vice President Al Gore through the whole 2000 campaign, he lost it over Gore’s sad, dignified concession speech when Antonin Scalia made George W. Bush president.” (Laughing.) Anyway, “Meanwhile, Republicans are showing they fear Jim Webb by savaging his speech. In a breathless ‘special to Newsweek’ Op-Ed, former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson proclaimed it full of cliches. “A lot of men seem strangely spooked by the rise of Nancy Pelosi, and the lead Hillary Clinton currently holds in the Democratic presidential field.”

Is this a party, ladies and gentlemen, that doesn’t have a clue as to who or what it is, “The Republicans know Webb’s the real deal, and that jokes about his speech won’t cut it. Democrats need to learn how to savor victory and build on it, rather than join pointless battling about who wears the pants in this party. Leadership diversity is a strength, not a weakness, and it would be a shame to let pundits lure party leaders into a battle of the sexes.” Joan Walsh. I don’t know that anybody is leading anybody into the battle of the sexes here except Joan Walsh. Well, and Chris Matthews and so forth. But folks, isn’t it telling that you’ve got these guys like Matthews and Barnicle who when a real man shows up as a Democrat, they lose it, they’re so happy. You think these guys are maybe tired of being henpecked? Sorry, Dawn, that’s a marital term, doesn’t go well. I didn’t mean it, meant it in a political sense. I mean the Queen Bee Syndrome is circulating throughout Washington.

These are the people that claim we shouldn’t see people as members of groups, we shouldn’t see their skin color first, we shouldn’t see their gender first, we shouldn’t see their sexual orientation first, and they just can’t help it. Because of the contempt they have and the condescension they have for human beings, liberals just can’t avoid seeing the things in people that they think make them victims, that they think make them imperfect and so forth.

Now they’re struggling, oh they’re so happy, they finally got a man in the party. What about Ted Kennedy? What about Chris Dodd? Those guys are real men. Ask the waitresses in the waitress sandwich at La Brasserie in Washington. Or is that not how we define real men anymore? For so long, real men in the Democratic Party were these pencil-necked neek nerds, these real thin necked guys, these nerds, these geeks that ran around and always talked about feminism and so forth. Those were the real men in Washington, always bending over forwards and backwards. “It’s my fault, sorry, you’re right,” what have you.

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