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RUSH: To illustrate the narrow vision and the literal ignorance that is proudly displayed by media people — proudly displayed, literal ignorance, the uninformed ignorance of Drive-By Media types — in my adopted hometown of Sacramento, California, today, the CBS affiliate out there, Channel 13 — I used to do little debates with the mayor of Davis on Channel 13 when it was an ABC affiliate, when I lived and worked out there. I think they just learned over the weekend of the song ‘Barack the Magic Negro.’ They played it a couple times and started doing polls, asking their viewers in Sacramento if they think the song is racist. This has only been going on since March and there has not been one shred of controversy about it among the people who listen to this program. It aired for a month and a half before the Drive-Bys (the most informed among us) heard about it, and then they hear about it, and they start writing about it as though it’s something that it isn’t. They ignore the lyrics. They ignore every bit of information. These two people you will hear, one’s the weather guy, ‘Well, we gotta call. We gotta ask him about it.’ It’s on my website, weather guy! Everything I’ve ever said about it is there. You don’t need to talk to me. It’s mind-boggling. So we’ll play this little bite for you when we come back.


RUSH: Let’s go Sacramento, my adopted hometown, where they used to love me. Now they hate me. At least at the CBS affiliate out there. This as KOVR TV, the anchors Chris Burrous, Lisa Gonzales, and the weatherman, Jeff James, discussed ‘Barack the Magic Negro.’

BURROUS: There is a controversy brewing here this morning, likely will be hitting fever pitch —

RUSH: Stop the tape. Get that back to the top. There is no controversy brewing anywhere except on the air of Channel 13 in Sacramento. They are creating the controversy. This is an important point. We’ve been playing this parody since March. It didn’t create a ripple in this audience. There was no controversy. In fact, the votes came in, people thought it was one of the most creative and funny they’d ever heard. Now all of a sudden there’s a controversy. I wonder why that would be? Could it be that these sponges who do not listen to the program obviously found out about this from the Chicago Tribune story yesterday that — where did they hear about it? Did they hear about it from Media Matters for America? Do any of these people actually listen? If you people haven’t done so, you need to go to the website and read the transcript of my Rush to Excellence appearance, and all you Drive-By journalists ought to do this, too, every one of you out there that think you’ve got something here on ‘Barack the Magic Negro,’ I’m going to try to help you and save you. You are going to be profoundly embarrassed if you keep going on this tune and going down this path with thinking there’s something here that isn’t. All you gotta do is call www.RushLimbaugh.com. It’s on the Internet. You just type that in, hit the ‘return’ key, and bam, my website comes up, and you can find my remarks the text of the speech or anything you want about this song, what I’ve said, and you would be fully informed before you start making idiots of yourselves on television. Here’s the bite in toto, I’d be tempted to but I will not interrupt it again.

BURROUS: There is a controversy brewing here this morning, will likely be hitting fever pitch as we go through the day. Rush Limbaugh’s program for years and years, when he was here in Sacramento, and since he’s been national as well has had parodies of people, song parodies, a lot of people pretty funny but there’s one out there that he’s airing on his show about Barack Obama, some are calling racist. There are groups this morning saying that not only is the song racist but it’s putting Barack Obama at increased danger. Of course, you know, last week we reported that he has gotten Secret Service protection, the earliest for any presidential candidate. Is Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ song racist? What do you think? Vote online at CBS13.com. He’s had a lot of parody songs, Lisa and Jeff, some funnier and less sensitive that this one.

GONZALES: I want to hear from Rush. I want to know why they made the song.

JAMES: He ought to know better. Once he starts to even go near that line, you know, it’s never a good idea.

BURROUS: And the timing, post-Imus here, a bit much some are thinking.

GONZALES: Can we call Rush?

BURROUS: Exactly. Dial him up. Limbaugh doesn’t make up the songs himself. There’s a guy named Paul Shanklin, he pays him to play them, and make them up.

RUSH: To play them and make them up. Where do you start with this? These are people hosting the local news show in Sacramento on a television station, CBS — (interruption) what do you want — look, about — okay, Snerdley is upset because they’re trying to blame me now for Obama getting Secret Service. They’re all going to get Secret Service protection in due course. I’ll tell you what, if I were to think about Barack Obama being in any trouble, needing Secret Service, I would look to Clinton, Inc., before I looked to me. Try that, Drive-By Media. Get that out there. But where do you go with this? I hate to bore you people with the whole story again. They don’t even listen to the lyrics of the song. It is just mind-boggling to me. This woman, Lisa Gonzales, ‘I want to hear from Rush. I want to know why they made the song.’ It’s right there in the lyrics, babe. The lyrics explain the whole thing.

Very briefly, late February, early March, Al Sharpton expresses anger, he’s upset, when Joe Biden, a Democrat, Lisa, a Democrat said that Obama was the first clean, articulate presidential candidate. Of course, nobody got upset at that pure blatant racism. Because Joe Biden, another Democrat presidential candidate, said, finally we get a black guy that can speak and doesn’t sound black. That’s what he was saying. When you say that Obama is articulate, you’re saying he doesn’t sound black. Joe Biden said that. Okay, make a note, and then shortly after that the New York Post did a story about Sharpton, who’s upset at Biden and getting a little jealous because Sharpton ran for president four years ago, and he didn’t get that kind of praise. Nobody called him clean and articulate and he takes a bath every day. The New York Post had a story that he’s a little jealous about it. I guess you people in Sacramento don’t know that because you don’t do the kind of work and research that I do. So then, the LA Times runs three pieces, the first two on, ‘Is Obama black enough?’ The LA Times, liberal Drive-By Media, is Obama black enough? They conclude he may not be because he is not down for the struggle. He doesn’t have roots to the civil rights movement. Sharpton echoes that.

Then here comes David Ehrenstein and the column in the LA Times, ‘Barack the Magic Negro,’ and explains what the magic negro is. He’s a way to get guilty whites to vote for him even though he has no substance. He hasn’t been out there long enough for these whites who are rabidly supporting him, to know what he stands for. Not a criticism of Obama, it’s a criticism of white liberals who have race on the mind. So bammo, from the start, okay, we got Biden, then we got Sharpton and the New York Post, then we got is Obama black enough, bammo, parody born. It may have taken three weeks for this, but when the parody aired the people that listen to this program and are informed know full well what it was expressing. It is funny as hell, because it nails the truth of what’s happening in the Democrat Party and with liberal racism, and we are pointing it out. You people in the media who tell us you’re the most informed and we should trust what you say, don’t even do any homework. When did you first learn about this? This weekend? By the way, in case you don’t know, Al Sharpton speaks through a bullhorn in our parodies because that’s how he’s known, leading marches and protests through the bullhorn through the boroughs of New York City.


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