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He got tripped up on the talking point. He’s supposed to talk about no flag-draped coffins coming out of Iraq or Baghdad but instead talks about the flag-draped coffins coming out of ground zero. As for his claim, “I was there and it was mine,” well, Bush is the commander-in-chief. Kerry has been reminding everybody how he’s a big Vietnam hero, but the UK Telegraph has a story about how Kerry tried to get out of going to Vietnam. He wanted to go to Paris for a year. There are all kinds of little things that we’re going to learn about Kerry. Listen, in the audio link below, to Kerry’s testimony in 1971, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Kerry rattles off atrocities supposedly committed by American troops and mispronounces Genghis Khan, saying “Jengis” Khan. Is this similar to the James Bond villain Sinjin Smythe? And they say Bush is the idiot?

The interesting note about this is that Kerry is talking about it in 1971. If he’s collecting all these battlefield reports in which he is seeing or hearing about all these atrocities, why doesn’t he say something about it at the time? Why doesn’t he say something about it while there? Why doesn’t he try to do something about it, instead of waiting until he gets home, appearing before the Senate, and then accusing a whole bunch of people who didn’t do this of doing it. This guy is a snake, folks. He’s a true, genuine, just perfect cookie-cutter liberal. Everything they are is wrapped up in this guy.


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