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RUSH: If you weren’t here yesterday, Josh Gerstein in the New York Sun wrote a story about the Breck Girl, John Edwards and Kate Michelman, who used to run NARAL, the big abortion group. She said of all the guys out there, he’s closest to understanding women. The headline of the story: ‘Edwards: Could He Be the First Female President?’ So we decided we’re going to need a John Edwards update on this, and we commissioned Paul Shanklin to go out and do a takeoff of Helen Reddy’s ‘I am Woman’ sung by John Edwards, as portrayed vocally by Paul Shanklin. We just got it. I’ve not heard it yet. I want to see here if it’s any good, if it’ll go in the rotation. So we’re listening together on the EIB Network.

(Playing of ‘I am Woman’ parody.)

RUSH: (Laughing.) Paul Shanklin as John Edwards, the Breck Girl, and ‘I am Woman.’ Okay, that’s a keeper. That shows up in the rotation for our upcoming John Edwards updates. There’s more to this New York Sun story: “The leader of a group that endorses and funds female candidates supportive of abortion rights, Ellen Malcolm of Emily’s List, said Mr. Edwards’s sensitivity can only go so far. ‘Every once in a while we get in a primary race where a man says he’s the best woman in the race. I’ve never seen a candidate win with that argument yet. It’s just ridiculous,’ she said. ‘Hillary Clinton has spent her entire adult life working on behalf of women and children. She has a unique experience as a woman who has faced the obstacles in the way of women,’ Ms. Malcolm, whose organization has endorsed Mrs. Clinton, said. ‘No white man can understand the experience a woman has to go through to move ahead.'”

I think every man understands it. We have the tire treads on his back to prove it. (Only kidding, ladies.) Jim Taranto at OpinionJournal.com says, ”No white man’? Someone will have to explain that racist non sequitur to us. While you’re at it, try to make sense of Malcolm’s claim that Mrs. Clinton is ‘unique’ for having ‘faced the obstacles in the way of women.’ Apparently she is the only woman ever to face the obstacles that are in the way of them all. In any case, there’s something odd and pathetic about this whole exercise. Did Margaret Thatcher campaign on the claim that as a woman she had a unique understanding of ‘the reality of women’s lives’? Did Golda Meir or Indira Gandhi? Doubtless America will one day have a female president. But our guess is it’ll be someone whose appeal transcends sex–who tries to win votes not from women qua women but from men and women qua citizens. So far that would seem to exclude both Mrs. Clinton and John Edwards.”

It’s just more Balkanization of our society. No white man. Can black men understand it? That’s what it says here: ‘No white man can understand the experience a woman has to go through to move ahead.’ What an appropriate time to have to do this, too. It’s an absurd statement. I don’t even really know what it means, except this woman obviously is out there thinking that she is a huge victim and that all women are victims and men can’t understand victimization. Sorry, white men. White men. That’s right. White men can’t understand victimization. That has to be what it is.



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