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“Suddenly, Democrats are back to ‘politics stops at the water’s edge,’ in preparation for shielding an Obama administration from criticism.”

“Jim Nantz is a professional sports announcer, and his job is to keep himself out of what he’s covering, and he does that better than anybody else.”

“About 1979 or ’80, Howard Cosell came in with ABC to Kansas City when I was working for the Royals to do a game. I got my courage up and went down there, and I told him I had met him in Pittsburgh. His first reaction was Howard Cosell: ‘How dare you interrupt me when I’m in the middle of this preparation for this broadcast! You expect me to remember you from Pittsburgh?’ and then he totally changed, after I’m sitting there quaking in my boots, ‘Of course I remember. How are you? Nice to see you.'”

“Who are the neoconservatives? Well, the neocons are ex-Democrats who moved into the Republican Party with Ronald Reagan. ‘We’re not Reagan conservatives. We’re neoconservatives. We’re smarter than Reagan.’ Now they’ve made enough progress in having the media brand them as the face of serious conservatism, and they’re out there feeling their oats.”

“Ants that have ingested dry grits exploding in front of your very eyes. Wouldn’t you love to be outside and see that happen?”

“Marx wouldn’t permit a neo-Marxism nor would liberalism permit a neoliberalism.”

“Democrats are not trying to be our friends. They’re not trying to show us that they’re reasonable. They are advancing an agenda, and we’re not, from our pseudo-conservative media to elevated levels of our Republican Party.”

“HD DVD didn’t quite make it. Blu-ray did. And that’s going to speed the whole process of people getting into that market. You can thank also me for that because I chose Blu-ray early on and have every Blu-ray disc — other than the stupid little, you know, how to dance stuff out there.”

“Barack Obama would not only meet with terrorists, he has one as a good friend: William Ayers. Obama is a flat-out liar, a manipulator of words and of events. He thinks he is above criticism because he thinks he is so special.”

“I’m off for a charity golf trip, and will be gone Monday and Tuesday. Jason Lewis will be here Monday, and Mark Davis on Tuesday. I’ll be back Wednesday. Have a great weekend.”

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