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“We had record rainfall here yesterday. The parking garage is below street level and it had three feet of water in it. We were happy to see a Mercedes get ruined because we have class envy here.”

“I know I have a hearing problem, but doesn’t Maureen Dowd sound like Helen Thomas in that bite?”

“Snerdley, I’m getting a lot of e-mails with questions about your conduct last night during the flood and its aftermath here at our building. One wanted to know what time of night did you go up to the room and start shooting helicopters.”

“The Congressional Black Caucus has lodged a complaint to Nancy Pelosi saying there aren’t enough African-American staffers in Congress on the Democrat side. The Republicans have plenty of African-American staffers. They’re cool.”

“I do a lot of things to irritate the libs, and they work.”

“I once bought Susan Brownmiller’s book on rape for a feminist. I was trying to get to first base. I never got out of the batter’s box. Her loss.”

The Constitution’s purpose is to limit the power of the federal government, including the courts. It is a document of specific enumerated powers between the branches, including the judicial branch.”

I think there’s a large misunderstanding when people say, I have rights! I have my rights!? People throw that around and they don’t even know what they’re talking about.”

Most people do not get nearly all there is to get out of life, and that’s sad, but it’s also quite normal. I’m not talking about any specific activity. It’s more a mindset, more a constant contentment with occasional joy at just being alive and having the opportunity to maximize.”

Judges have risen to such positions of prominence in this country that nobody dares take them on. It’s gotten to the point now where Sandra Day O’Connor, late of the Iraq Surrender Group, by the way, is actually out making speeches saying judges ought not be criticized. Well, they’re just a branch of government, Madam Justice, and they’re not protected and they’re not insulated. You’re not royalty.”


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