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“My life is mental exercise.”

“So I guess there’s no public consensus on global warming. I would have to say that I am having a profound effect on this. Well, you can sit in there and smirk, Dawn, but I don’t know of anybody else who has been sounding the warning clarion about this as often and as loudly as have I.”

“Bill Clinton was at a fund-raiser at a gym. The women had to cover up their skimpy clothes in deference to Clinton. Now, do you think Hillary’s hand might have been behind this?”

“I believe leftists are the true racists. I believe they’re the ones that look at people and notice whatever is different about them from white liberals. Either they’re black or they’re gay or they’re Hispanic or whatever. And yet, we conservatives are the ones who get tarred and feathered with these allegations.”

“What about the seasoned citizens out there who have to eat dog food because they can’t eat real food and pay for their medicine? How many seasoned citizens have gotten sick eating rat-poisoned tainted pet food? I’m just saying — there’s no panic about the adults eating this stuff.”

“I’m on the cutting edge. If you listen to this program, you’ll know what’s relevant before it becomes relevant. I know these liberals, too, like every square inch of my shrinking — but still glorious — naked body.”

“If you are Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, how do you now attack John Edwards? Well, it’s not a problem for Hillary; Clinton, Inc. will find a way. But for Barack it’s going to be a challenge. Maybe he can use some Irish tips on this.”

“Another question is, ‘How do you plan on keeping the weight off?’ I don’t! I’m not under any illusion I’m going to keep the weight off. My goal here is to lose enough weight that it’s going to take three to four years to gain it back rather than one so I can look forward to three or four years of fun.”

“People say, ‘Rush, don’t worry about it. This bill’s never going to become law.’ You don’t think this sends a message to our enemies around the world, folks? You don’t think it tells the Iranians something? It tells them: ‘Do whatever you can to get Democrats elected.'”

“Snerdley, sit down! The show is not over! My gosh, everybody wants to get out of here early on Friday! Okay, now it’s time to go.”


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