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RUSH: Senator McCain with a story here that’s on the French News Agency: ”McCain Faces Doubts Among Republican Conservatives’ — While John McCain is practically assured the Republican presidential nomination, many party members are having a hard time accepting him — and showing it with symbolic votes against him in primary contests. … The Washington Times, a conservative newspaper, calculated that McCain had garnered no more than 45 percent of the Republican vote since January.’ People are missing something. He’s not seeking the Republican vote at this point. Well, he’s not. A lot of people think I’m being flippant with that, but he’s not. You people have probably seen this story: ”McCain Urges Free-Market Principles to Reduce Global Warming’ — Republican John McCain, reaching out to both independents and green-minded social conservatives,’ do you know who that is?

Do you know who the ‘green-minded social conservatives’ are? Evangelicals. Apparently, there is a significant number of evangelicals that are going green, and McCain’s reaching out to them. They’re going green along the same side of the aisle as Algore and the rest of these hoaxers are. Now, when these evangelicals decide to side with liberals, the Drive-By Media loves ’em; the Drive-By Media thinks they’re wonderful. They call them green-minded social conservatives, not evangelicals, because they hate evangelicals. They think evangelicals pose a great threat. So, ‘McCain, reaching out to both independents and green-minded social conservatives, argues that global warming is undeniable and the country must take steps to bring it under control while adhering to free-market principles.’ (sigh) Making it so hard on me.

I just can’t sit here and ignore this. Very, very hard.


RUSH: Now, back to this global warming stuff. You all are very familiar with my opinions on this, and I’m sure most of you hold those opinions as well. That this is a full-fledged hoax and to see a Republican signing on to this and siding with Algore is just — well, it’s instructive. It’s just instructive. Now, global warming also stands with abortion rights and an array of social causes as important issues to the evangelicals and Christian conservatives. Some of the Christian conservatives, evangelicals have now gone over to the green side on global warming. The lib media now loves these people. They hate the evangelicals when you’re talking about abortion or other social issues. But when the evangelicals join forces with the left, they’re mavericks, maverick evangelicals, and they are appreciated, they are lauded, and they are held up as great examples.

But there’s another factor going on here, and in politics, follow the money and you’ll have the answer to a lot of questions. The other factor here is that big business has decided that there is profit in going green. Look at NBC, look at General Electric. They have made the decision to go green, not necessarily because they believe all this, but rather because their customers do, a majority of their customers do. And a majority of the customers, it is theorized, will reward companies who also have this social consciousness about the destruction that we are waging on our planet and so it just becomes another marketing way for corporations and businesses to separate people from their money. And what better way than on a moral cause. I don’t know if you saw this over the weekend, but Drudge had a little story up there that McCain’s donations, contributions from the American corporate community are lagging way behind the same amount of dollars that George W. Bush got. So I think what’s going on here as much as anything else is an attempt by Senator McCain to reach out to on corporate donors who lavished George W. Bush with big dollars so that he can at least get up to where Bush’s level was.

The troubling thing here, Senator McCain, is I’m mapping out plans here to try to persuade Republicans to eventually cross over to vote for you, and this is not making it any easier. At some point Republicans are going to have to decide whether to cross the aisle and vote for McCain. Clearly, he’s rolling the dice in thinking that the green community and the independents and the yutes out there will buy into this global warming business and think he’s different than the average conservative Republican and that will stand him in good stead.


RUSH: Mike, Santa Ana, California. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: Mega dittos to you today.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Thank you and your staff at the EIB Network for everything you guys do every day. I appreciate it.

RUSH: I appreciate that. There is no ‘we guys’ here. It is me.

CALLER: That’s not what Mr. Snerdley said. He did say he was underpaid for doing the ad for Mr. Obama, but we had a nice discussion about it, and I think after I —

RUSH: Snerdley told you he was underpaid?

CALLER: Yeah, for doing the spot for Obama.

RUSH: (laughing) You can stir the excrement, but you’re not fooling me.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how many more times shall I and you get slapped in the face by Mr. McCain?

RUSH: What do you mean?

CALLER: Operation Chaos is wonderful, I appreciate all the efforts, and it’s time we gotta start dealing with Mr. McCain. Every time he speaks, he slaps us conservatives, evangelical people, in the face. How many more times do you want me to turn my cheek, Rush?

RUSH: That’s up to you. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m as perplexed by it — well, I’m not perplexed — that’s the thing, I understand this. I understand clearly what the game plan of Senator McCain is.

CALLER: Well, Rush, all your efforts in the chaos —

RUSH: Let me put it to you in blunt terms. There are — and I’m not lumping Senator McCain in this group of people — but there are a significant number of people on the Republican side who do believe — you know, we had a call, best way to illustrate this, a call on Friday from a woman in Miami who said when she mentioned that she was a Republican, she got visceral reactions. I’m telling you there are a lot of people who blame George W. Bush for destroying the Republican Party or damaging it greatly and conservatism as well because of all the negative PR and reporting from the Drive-Bys and I think that there’s a body of thought among people who manage campaigns and who advise candidates because they go out there and they do polling, and they say the Republican Party is below the gutter in terms of public perception. Yeah, you won the Republican nomination, but you better make it clear that you are not the kind of Republican that the people today think the Republicans are and despise, and I think that is largely what’s going on here.


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