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RUSH: This is Paul in Augusta, Georgia. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you for paying for my call. How long do you think it will take Obama to say, ‘The situation that we were handed is much worse than we thought? I’m just not going to be able to give you the tax cut.’

RUSH: I hadn’t thought about it because it’s a foregone conclusion. You’re asking me how long it will be. Obama defines a tax cut a very strange way. He says he’s going to give 95% of Americans tax cuts, but there are like 35% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, he’s going to give a tax cut. How is that done? He’s going to essentially give people a welfare payment. So I don’t know that he’s going to say that can’t do the tax cut. He may say you can’t cut taxes for as many people as he wants. But the bottom line is you’re right. Whatever he says, we’re all going to get a tax increase. Whether he does anything or not, 2010, gang, we’re going back to Clinton tax rates. That’s it. It’s happening. If he raises tax before or after that — and you gotta understand the way liberals look at things. Folks, do you understand, a $700 billion bailout, we have a $300 billion additional stimulus package that Reid and Pelosi want for infrastructure, to build roads and to build bridges and to go out and hire workers to build the roads and to build the bridges. Okay, the $700 billion stimulus package costs $850 because $150 billion of pork in it in order to get votes from people in an emergency — ahem — so $850 plus three, we’re over now a trillion dollars in stimulus, and there’s some things that happened before that.

Now, I guarantee you the way liberals look at things, once this is all calculated, once they come to you, and you’re right out there, Paul, there will be this giant sob story press conference, all the steps that we had to take to protect the economy from the Bush years, from the Bush disaster, we’re going to have to do some major things that we didn’t know because Bush kept all these secrets from us, and we’re going to hear about massive tax increase. I hope some of you people get your taxes raised. We warned you. We warned you. ‘But Rush, the damage to the country.’ To a point here I’m being facetious in a way. I tried to warn you what you’re going to get. You’re going to get massive tax increases, and it’s not going to happen because of any Bush emergency. It’s going to happen because they don’t want you amassing wealth. They want control. The liberal Democrats want control over your life. There are going to be tax increases, I don’t care what Obama said during the campaign. Now, we tried to warn people here. I said earlier in the program, and Snerdley and Dawn, they got mad at me, because I do get a lot of pleasure out of seeing stupid people learn something. When I see a stupid person’s light go on, learn something, I love that.

There were a lot of dumb things that people voted for, dumb reasons, and there’s a part of me that says, ‘Okay, you voted for it, by golly, by gosh, I hope you get it. You think you’re going to get a tax cut, and I know you’re going to get a tax increase. I can’t wait to see your face when you get the tax increase.’ ‘But, Rush, the damage it will do to the country.’ We lost that battle last night, folks. Too late now. Don’t blame me. Speaking of this whole tax cut business and the similarities to William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, Clinton was interviewed on DNCTV, and he said, I’m going to quote him, (doing Clinton impression) ‘Well, you know, a lot of fundamental similarities here between circumstances that I had to inherit and Obama. There’s a lot of parallels in 1992 and the economy to 2008 and the economy, so Obama, he’s gonna have similar challenges that I had.’ Now, what this is, you have to understand Clinton, this is Bill Clinton saying, ‘Hey, I had the same garbage, look what I did. I had a roaring economy. I went out there and raised taxes, we had great numbers, low unemployment, everybody having prosperity.’ He set that up, ’cause he knows full well that ain’t happening with Obama.

So when it’s all over — remember, Clinton’s about Clinton — and at the end of whatever period of time Obama serves, Clinton wants to be able to say, ‘We had the same basic similarities, he took office in ’08, I took office in ’92, and you can check, I handled it right way, and look what happened to Obama, he just blew it, blew it big time. I tried to help, but of course he didn’t want help from me and certainly don’t want to hear anything from Hillary, but there clearly was a right way to do this, and mine was the right way.’ That’s what he’s setting up here. You think he’s on Obama’s team? And, by the way, Rahm Emanuel has accepted the chief of staff job. I’m telling you, Rahm Emanuel and Hillary are not friends, and I don’t know that Obama’s doing this as a slap at Hillary. I think he’s primarily doing this ’cause he wants a thug running his office and running his operation, but the fact that Rahm Emanuel and Hillary are not close, I mean this is further distance. This is why Rahm did not support Hillary in the primaries. He was not on her carpet.

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