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RUSH: Get a load of some of these Global Warming Stack headlines today! ‘Clothesline Regulation Hangs the Environment Out to Dry.’ This is from Bend, Oregon. This is about a woman who hung her clothes out to dry to save energy and now she’s facing legal action because it’s an upscale neighborhood, and they don’t want clothes hanging out there in the backyard. She’s just trying to save the planet to make herself feel good and not use the dryer. ‘Fertilizing Oceans with Iron May Combat Climate Change.’ I can’t wait to talk about this. ‘Rapeseed Biofuel Produces More Greenhouse Gas than Oil or Petrol.’ Think corn here. We’ve caused a food panic in Mexico, and Italy, and Germany, and for what? Only to make matters worse! But we’re not supposed to ever examine the results of liberal do-gooderness. No, no, no! We’re only supposed to examine their intentions and their good hearts. Get this: ‘The Amazon Rainforest More Resilient During a Drought.’ The Amazon rain forest, also known as the jungle, ‘greened, it grew faster and absorbed more CO2, confounding another global warming model…’ In a drought, it got greener. It exposed and absorbed more CO2. Yes, the details are coming up. ‘World Leaders Tell US to Put Climate Before Budget –The United Nations is proposing an international court to try ecological crimes on the basis that nature should have a right to take us to court. The United Nations should establish such a court.’ I kid you not, folks. It’s all in the Global Warming Stack coming up.


RUSH: Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! That’s the trumpet fanfare. That means, folks, it’s time for a global warming update.

(Playing of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown update theme song.)

RUSH: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and the Wicked Witch of the East melting because of global warming. All right, here’s the news in the Global Warming Stack. From Bend, Oregon. ‘A Bend woman is facing possible legal action for hanging her laundry out to dry. Susan Taylor, who lives in the upscale Awbrey Butte neighborhood, says she’s trying to do the right thing for the planet by stringing up her family’s clothes,’ rather than using the dryer. ‘But in doing so she’s violating rules meant to keep up appearances in her subdivision, which means she might become a martyr in the so-called right-to-dry movement. The trouble began last spring after Taylor, 55, decided to do her [silly] part…’ I added ‘silly,’ of course. It’s not in this Drive-By Media report. She decided to do her silly ‘part to address global warming by stringing up her family’s clothes between the pines behind their 2,400-square-foot house.’ How in the hell can you have something as tiny as a 2,400 square foot house in an upscale neighborhood? Anyway, ”This is the right thing to do with what’s going on with our climate,’ said the part-time nurse, standing beside her Toyota hybrid sedan. But neighbors soon complained. In June, Taylor got a letter from the neighborhood’s developer, Bend Brooks Resources Corp., saying she was violating Awbrey Butte’s covenants, conditions and restrictions. The development’s rules require that clotheslines, as well as garbage cans and lawn cuttings, be ‘screened.” Well, what is a devoted environmentalist wacko ‘trying to make a difference,’ to do now? She’s following the edicts from the Algore movie and from all the other silly advice places that she gets, hanging clothes out to dry to save electricity. She’s just trying to do the right thing. You gotta applaud that. She’s trying to make a difference. It turns out there’s a violation of covenants. So she’s finding out what it’s like to deal with these people. These homeowners associations can be little communist countries, you know, self-contained. They really can. But you know that going in if you read the covenants. Like, there were homeowner associations out in Sacramento. You could not have a car visible in the driveway or on the street. ‘How do you have people over? How do you throw a party? How do you do it?’ I never got the answer to that, other than: ‘We don’t.’ Maybe you charter some buses and bring ’em in, have a central parking lot somewhere down at the commune grocery store.

Get this from the UK Times Online: ”Fertilising’ Oceans with Iron May Combat Climate Change — Scientists are considering a plan to combat climate change by dumping millions of tons of iron into the ocean to alter its chemical make-up. They believe the iron could act as a ‘fertiliser’, promoting the growth of tons of plankton that would soak up carbon dioxide from the surrounding sea water. When the plankton died, their bodies would sink into the deepest waters and sediments, where the carbon would be locked up indefinitely. The theory, known as ‘ocean fertilisation’, has long caused controversy among marine scientists, many of whom doubted that it could work. This week leading researchers will meet at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts for a scientific conference to discuss the idea. … Dr David Santillo, a senior scientist at the Greenpeace research laboratories at Exeter University, said iron fertilisation was a foolish idea. ‘There is no proof that the plankton blooms result in carbon being locked into sediments,’ he said. ‘Adding iron on such a scale will also damage natural ecosystems.”

Folks, forget all that. There’s just one thing that you have to know. How many of you have flown over the Pacific Ocean, or flown over the Atlantic, or flown over the Caribbean, or the Gulf of Mexico? How many of you have flown over one of the Great Lakes, for crying out loud? (I know it’s freshwater.) Do you think we’ve got enough iron to put in the ocean to make a piddling’s worth of difference? The next thing you know, these same people are going to say we need to flood the seas with freshwater to dilute the brine and the salt content so that that water could be drinkable. I actually had somebody ask me this once. I live here on the beach in Florida. We get a lot of great thunderstorms out there over the Atlantic. They’re gorgeous to watch, and sometimes they have these great lightning shows, and when they’re most beautiful is when it’s not raining [where you are]. You’ll be out on the deck and you can watch those thunderstorms in the daytime when you can see all the rain out there.

I actually had somebody ask me once, ‘Do you think that that rain today is reducing the salt content of the ocean?’

I, looking at this person, said, ‘You cannot be serious. You literally can’t be serious.’

Well, in this person’s eye, the horizon was only so big. The ocean didn’t look that big and that thunderstorm looked huge.

I said, ‘Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘a drop in the ocean’?’ So it’s the same principle with putting iron in there. We have a bunch of paranoid idiots running around trying to solve a problem that we can’t solve. It may be warming, but who says it’s even been bad, one degree? One degree in 100 years? Yip yip yip yip yahoo — and it may be good. (sigh) How do we know?

This is funny.


RUSH: From the UK Times Online: ‘A renewable energy source designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is contributing more to global warming than fossil fuels, a study suggests. Measurements of emissions from the burning of biofuels derived from rapeseed and maize have been found to produce more greenhouse gas emissions than they save.’ Can we just use the word ethanol, please? Rapeseed and maize? People in Rio Linda will have no clue what this story is about unless I’m here to translate this for them, which I happily do. So here we go again. We have caused a food panic in Mexico because of the tortillas; food panics in Italy and Germany because shortages of corn are driving price — well, not shortage, but the demand is driving prices up, only to make matters worse. Doesn’t matter, folks, we are never to examine liberals’ results, no, only their good intentions.

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