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“The Drive-By Media will always tell you who is and who isn’t a conservative, by who they try to prop up and who they try to destroy.”

“Those of you who were alive, do you remember the Carter years? They were so bad we had a misery index to measure it. Plus, Jimmy Carter created the modern Islamic Republic of Iran with the Ayatollah Khomeini by getting rid of the Shah. And you think things are bad now?””How can I appear human when I’m right all the time, when I hardly ever make any mistakes? I have to pretend, ladies and gentlemen, to be wrong. It’s just my way of relating.”

“I’m trying to get better at receiving, but having attention focused on me for my birthday is embarrassing to me because there’s no achievement here. Living another year? I’m not that old to where it’s an achievement. No, I’m not, Dawn.”

“I don’t really follow college football that closely because I didn’t go to college, and so I don’t have a rah-rah-alma-mater spirit. Plus, college football teams don’t wear socks.”

“Reaganism did not steer people to the governments for solutions; Reaganism steered people inwardly. It steered people towards themselves. It inspired people to realize that they had more potential than they realized.”

“The whole point of conservatism is to lift the downtrodden. The whole point of liberalism is to keep them suppressed and then lower the rich and punish achievement! It’s so damned obvious.”

“Can I ask you, was that Obama speaking? That was Huckabee? You know, my hearing is such that sometimes… Tell me: that was Huckabee? Well, then he’s using Obama’s lines.”

“Story: ‘Mrs. Clinton snared an influential endorsement of her own: Henry Cisneros, the first Latino Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.’ Can I rewrite that for you? ‘Hillary picked up support from an indicted politician who had mistresses.’ Subhead: ‘And it’s not her husband!'”

“A lot of e-mails: ‘Rush, what are you doing for your birthday?’ I am watching football: that’s the answer. By choice, it will be bliss.”


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