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“The biggest fear Hillary has, folks — and this is not good for me, but the biggest fear Clinton, Inc. has, is me.”

“You know what I first thought when I read this story about a newly discovered dinosaur with a ‘vacuum’ mouth? ‘Why didn’t they call it the Monicasaurus?’ Ha! That worked! Even Dawn is laughing at that.”

“In this one area of his administration — the war on terror — Bush has not wavered at all. And I’ll tell you what: given where the Democrats have been, thank God he hasn’t.”

“There’s always much more to learn and enjoy on my computer than there ever is on CNN, but I was duty-bound, ladies and gentlemen, as your host to watch it last night.”

“Hey, Curt? Curt? Can you hang on just a second? The Brinks truck is out there. Brian, bring in my paycheck. Well, there are no parking spaces, and I don’t want the guy to leave. Go ahead, Curt.”

“Nicolas Sarkozy has spoken more accurately and positively about America and American exceptionalism than most of the politicians in this country, not just the Democrats.”

“How often do oil spills happen? They don’t! They only happen when some ship captain gets drunk and drives into a tanker bridge or something else. That’s it.”

“Dennis Kucinich looks like Pinocchio without the long nose.”

“The people writing the history of the Bush administration for the next 30 years are going to be people who detest Bush, who will fill their history with lies. But eventually, I think, Bush will be considered one of few presidents who has actually sought to transform America’s place in the world — and out of necessity.”

“Mark Levin came in here today saying, ‘Don’t make me cry.’ Well, he turned the tables on me.”


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