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“It all boils down to this, folks: It’s not that Mrs. Clinton doesn’t know what she believes, it’s that she’s afraid to tell us what she believes.”

“Conservatism is respect for other people and not being arrogant and condescending. Conservatism has faith in the individual to do anything and everything that individual wants based on that individual’s degree of desire and ambition.”

“When I read quotes like this that say, ‘Yeah, I’m worried about the future’ — work harder! ‘Oh, Rush, easy for you to say!’ Forgive me; I’m sorry. Don’t work harder. Keep whining and moaning.”

“A number of liberals have just called saying that I’m sounding like a broken record, talking about Mrs. Clinton. Really? You libs can’t fool me! You are just trying to make me think that I’m boring so I will stop talking about Mrs. Clinton! You are just like she is: You cannot handle criticism.”

“Elite liberal feminists treat women like they’re monolithic, like they don’t have individual brains whatsoever. These elite women think of women the same way sleazy guys do: from the waist down.”

“Snerdley, you are looking at me like I just got off the spaceship from Mars, like I look like James Carville. Although, maybe you’re just staring in total respect, adulation, and awe. Is that right? Good.”

“This program is not about the Republican Party. It’s about conservatism and having it grow, having people understand it. Conservatism, to me, clearly is the most productive way for people to manage their affairs and live their lives.”

“Mrs. Clinton is basically running for president because… it’s her turn! Because she has eaten all these excrement sandwiches over the years being married to Bill.”

“Story: ‘Malaysia’s Muslim men are suffering sleepless nights and cannot pray properly because their thoughts are distracted by a growing number of women who wear sexy clothes in public, according to a prominent cleric.’ When I read that I thought, ‘What kind of wimps are these guys?'”

“You tell your wife I said this, Mark: that the bedroom is the foundation where the home is laid every day.”


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