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“It’s going to be a tough weekend out there because there’s no NFL football. So that means golf and the beach.”

“Guess what surfaced on the Internet? It’s a picture of Tony Rezko standing between a smiling Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Drudge caption is: ‘I don’t remember meeting Rezko.’ My caption is: ‘A pair of slimy politicians meet with a Chicago businessman.'”

“‘Fighting with your spouse can actually be good for your health, according to a new study.’ So the solution is: Go home, yell at your spouse, and die happy.”

“I’m trying to hold the coalition of the Republican Party together. If certain people win this party’s nomination, we’re going to lose in a landslide that would make Goldwater look like a victory.”

“The Republican Party is not the minor leagues of the Democrat Party, but that’s what people want to turn it into. Well, I’m not going to play on a farm team.”

“We still have this attitude of inferiority and defensiveness, that somehow what we are isn’t good enough, that we have to open the tent and say, ‘Yeah, we got some of those crazy conservatives, but look at the rest of us — we’re reasonable.’ Well, screw that!”

“I don’t understand why people like us in elective office do not view the liberals the way we do: to be defeated. And there’s nothing wrong with viewing them that way: War is war, and political war is political war.”

“I did not give the movie away, Snerdley! You watch and you’ll see that I did not give the movie away. See, folks? Underlings can argue with me and live to tell about it minutes later.”

“I’m not a professional movie reviewer. All I can tell you is I liked Rambo and I didn’t once think of getting up and I didn’t once look at my watch.”

“No Drive-By Media newspaper is going to ever endorse a conservative. It’s just that simple, folks.”


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