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RUSH: I urged all of you to watch ’24’ yesterday when we ended the show. I said, ‘Watch ’24.’ It’s great tonight,’ and so you watched it, and I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails ’cause when the show was over, they had that dunce Chloe read some PSA about how she wants everybody to join Jack Bauer to save the world from global warming. I had all these people writing me, ‘I’m not watching that show again. How dare you tell us to watch that show again? First they had that president do it, and now they’re telling everybody to join them.’ Let me explain to you why this happens. This is not the people at ’24’ deciding to do this on their own. That ran after the show. It was not part of the show. What I want you people to understand is that television networks, including Fox — for a host of reasons, like a lot of American business, like all of General Electric — they’re all caught up in this whole notion of global warming.

They think they are gaining customers. They think they are doing good citizenship. So what happens is all of the Fox shows have been ordered by the Fox studio to engage in a more green experience when producing the show, a smaller carbon footprint when producing the show to put these messages on from members of the cast at the end of the show. And of course it’s not hard to find cast members that actually believe the stuff. Believe me, there are plenty of cast members at ’24’ who don’t believe this garbage, but there are a few of them that do and they’re eager to go out and do this, but this is not the producers of ’24”s idea. This is the Fox network. It’s like all the networks and a lot of businesses do it. How many business do you see advertising their product on the basis of ‘green’ this, ‘green’ that?

They think you’ve all bought into it. They’re all populist. They’re just trying to relate to you on what you think and get you to buy their product, watch their show, because they’re saving the world, and you can, too. ‘Buy their product, watch their show, because you’ll reduce your carbon footprint.’ I must defend my buddies on the production side of ’24.’ This is not their idea. I mean, the boss says, ‘Do it,’ and they have to do it, and then they cast around for members of the cast who are dimwits who bought into this, and it’s not hard to find out in Hollywood. So you put ’em out there, and bam, bam, bam, you get one of these PSAs, but I’m telling you, ’24’ this year is fabulous. Did you watch it last night, Snerdley? (interruption) Ah, you gotta watch it! It’s just awesome, and wait ’til you see next week. Oh, yeah! They’re outdoing themselves this year. It’s fabulous.


RUSH: Here’s what got everybody watching ’24’ so upset last night. This is Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe, and this happened after the show.

RAJSKUB: Jack Bauer gets a lot of credit for saving the world one day at a time. But what’s that about? Come on, it’s a team effort. It takes all of us working together, some of us working harder than others if you know what I mean. That’s why we at ’24’ are asking you to join us in helping to fight global warming. For tips in how you can reduce your own carbon footprint, go to Fox.com. Don’t leave the climate change problem for Jack to solve, because he can’t do it. He’s got enough on his plate. Do your part. Join us today.

RUSH: I’m being deluged with e-mails, ‘I’m never watching this show again.’ Again, this happened after the show. Fox orders this kind of stuff to be done. It’s not hard to find nitwit actors and actresses in Hollywood that believe this crap to do this. But remember, it ran after the show, had nothing to do with the show. It’s not in the show. Global warming is not part of the show. In fact, they say their carbon footprint is much less than it’s ever been producing the show, don’t know how it’s possible, all the damn explosions going on out there, and I don’t care. It’s demagoguery. It’s like Obama, they may not be doing anything; they just want you to think they are. I’m talking about Fox, not the people at ’24.’ The people at ’24’, employees. It’s no different than your business, if somebody made you run around, type up a memo to everybody to reduce their carbon footprint and you had to do it.

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