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RUSH: I meant to announce this at the top of the hour, and I had other things to do. It would have been a scoop then, but it’s no longer a scoop. But I can tell you that the Fox News Channel has picked up 13 episodes of the 1/2 Hour News Hour. The two pilot episodes succeeded in their mission. (I also gave you that.) Fox is going to pick those up, and they’re going to be in production. They’re going to start gearing up. These were pilots.

Now they’re going to go out and get real production staff, writers and so forth (it takes four to six weeks of putting it all together), and then the 13-week run will commence. So 1/2 Hour News Hour has been picked up for 13 weeks by the Fox News Channel — and 13 weeks is a goldmine in this business. That’s where you get the chance to really strut your stuff, when get enough of a financial commitment there to gin up a great staff of people and so forth.

So they’re off and running with that.

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