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You have carried the torch for so long. It’s now being carried by 20 million until you return. God speed.

Charleston, West Byrd



You have been a part of my life since I was in 7th grade. I am almost 25 years old now. I cried the day you told us you felt like we are a big family. It is a weird experience to have invited a person into my home for so many years, listening to you like an old friend. Although we are not even actual acquaintances, I feel for you and your family as if they are my own. Please take care of yourself.

A loyal student of conservative studies.



I have been a 24/7 subscriber for two years and also listen on WPHT in Philly. I know you can beat this thing and I am looking forward to your return. I watched on the dittocam the last day you were on the air. I remember what you said,” A Tiger is a Tiger”. You are my Tiger.

Collegeville, Pa.


Mr. Limbaugh,

I am thinking and praying for you. Have a great day and a better cigar.




Until a person has been through such intense pain that they had to take this medication they have no right to judge. You are in our prayers and we can’t wait until you are back. You are a voice of truth in a crazy world. Thank you.

Edward & Nancy
Palm Bay, FL


Dear Rush,

I am one of many millions of people who are waiting for the day when we hear your voice again on the radio. My day is emptier from not hearing your take on the day’s news. I freely admit that I need a daily shot of Rush common sense.

Get well soon.
Myrtle Creek, OR



We miss you and wish you well. Hang in there and when you get out I and my wife would like to tell you that there is a cure for any addiction. That is God. May you find Him now! Most of the U.S. is behind you. Just get better.

Love & Service,
Jay & Marsha
Middleburg, New York


Dear Rush,

Just to let you know that we here on the north coast (Lake Erie) Toledo Ohio, are thinking of you and pray for your healthy return to the EIB network and beyond. We know it will happen… in the meantime your co-hosts are doing a super job, individually and, as a team!!!!!

“One Nation under God”

Our love,
Paul and Nancy


We have been listeners and fans of yours for years. We stand behind you and support you in this difficult time. Hope to hear you back on the Golden EIB Microphone very soon. Keeping you and Marta in our prayers.

Robert & Beverly
Puyallup, WA


Hi Rush:

I am a professor of counseling at a local university. I teach a course in substance abuse counseling. My students are very concerned about you. In fact, we have discussed your situation in class. We all wish you well. I believe you will be successful and can be a role model for people in similar circumstances.



Dear Rush,

We miss you. We need you. We pray for you. We support you.

God be with you,
Jon and Sandy (faithful listeners on the left coast)



I have been a long-time listener of your program. Used to watch you on TV when I lived in Maine a few years back. Keep up the good work and look forward to your return to the EIB microphone.

Clermont, FL



Dittos from Texas, home to such great Americans as the Bush’s and General Franks. As Christians, my wife and I believe that when Jesus said that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, He was including in that statement people like you would keep us informed of the truth regarding our politicians and that would keep us free from being led down the wrong path by the insanity of liberal thinking. We also wanted to let know you are in our prayers and believe you will soon be once again filling the airways with your words of wisdom and truth.

Gary and Sandy



We would like to let you know how great a role you have played in our lives. We have been on board since KFYI in Phoenix has carried The Rush Limbaugh Show. We look forward to your return and you are in our thoughts.

Jerry & Carol
Gilbert, AZ


Dear Rush,

I’ve listened to you for years. All my love and prayers to you and your Marta. As the old saying goes, the same flame that melts butter hardens steel. You’re coming back to us even stronger. I’m crossing off the days on the calendar.

Coos Bay, OR

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