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First Ronald Regan, then you made me a proud American. You have changed this country more than anyone in my lifetime (since 1966). Thank God for you. I can’t wait for you to get back. God be with you through this.
Visalia, CA. 


There’s no way to tell you how much you mean to the nation and especially those of us who wear the uniform every day. We love you more than you know and respect you more than ever! Without a doubt, you’ll be back and stronger than ever. I can’t wait for that day in the very near future.

We’ll be praying for you!

James, TSgt, USAF



You have our support, continuing support, for you personally and you as a great radio entertainer and truth-sayer. We know you’ll be back in front of the golden EIB microphone soon. We will let our local station know of our support and that we continue to listen to the show and advertisements.

Eugene & Terri
Middleton, Idaho


Dear Rush,

Our Best Wishes and prayers are with you (and for your family) for victory over the painkillers addiction and help for your pain. We GREATLY value and appreciate the incredible educational and informational service that you have provided and will continue to provide to the people of the USA. You also instigate a lot of hearty laughter, which is very “good medicine” – experientially and according to the Old Testament.

Please persevere through this tough time and continue to do so through many years of continued future EIB!

Dave & Lucille
Weddington, NC



I remember the first time I heard your voice. I was in an antique store in New Orleans and I couldn’t believe the outrageous comments I heard coming from the radio the owners were listening to. Who in the world is this blowhard Rush Limbaugh I thought. I wondered how they could stay in business if this is the kind of thing they allow their customers to overhear. I was so offended I left the store without buying a thing. Well, it’s more than 10 years later and I’m an admitted dittohead. While I’m still registered as a democrat (poor home training – what can I say?) I am purely republican at heart.

I can only imagine what you are going through now, but please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I’m still here listening to your show in your absence. I, along with millions of other enlightened folks, anxiously await your return. Take the time you need to get well, and join us again stronger and wittier than ever!

All the best,


Hi Rush…

Well, hey! You aren’t the only one with a problem… mine is Rush Withdrawals. I’ve listened to you since the first week you were on in Southern Calif, at least 15 years… AND I’M IN WITHDRAWAL… the other guys are good… BUT THEY AREN’T RUSH. GUESS I HAVE TO DO COLD TURKEY, BUT MAN THIS IS TOUGH.

So as you’re going through the bad times just think about the thousands of us out here who are doing the same thing.

Just know Rush you are loved, respected, missed, and treasured and if good thoughts will heal you’ll be fine in no time!

Love ya guy, best to Marta,


Dear Old Friend,

I just want to add my one little voice to millions of others to form a roar – WE LOVE RUSH, WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE RUSH AND WE WILL NEVER FORSAKE HIM! NEVER!

Hang on, Rush, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, you will get through this struggle. And we will be waiting for you. (Love to you, too, Marta. You’re a special lady.)



Hi Rush,

Hang in there. We all can’t wait until you are back!

I went through drug rehab in 1980 and it saved my life.

Black Creek, WI


Good luck and god bless,

Being a former drunk and druggie (17 yrs 10 months) I wanted to wish you a great big dittohead hang in there.

It may seem like a big pain at first, but it is well worth the effort. Don’t let “it” take you down as far as many of us did.

Omaha, NE


Hey Rush,

You probably don’t feel like reading much right now, and I don’t blame you. You have a rough few weeks in front of you. Step back, and let the professionals guide you, that is what they get paid for. You are not the first, and sadly not the last.

Beyond that, I wanted to share a little something from my life with you. I am in Law Enforcement and have had to battle my demons too. They sneak up on you so stealthily it is unimaginable to anyone who hasn’t been there. I have.

In law enforcement, you create a self-image that you are unstoppable and beyond reproach. Sound a little familiar? Beyond that, you view those who do have problems as weak, worthless, and pitiful. I have battled alcohol and the resultant depression/anxiety for about 6 years now. Trying to keep it a secret, because what would happen to my career. After all, this is all I know? I would be ruined!

Not true. I remember how scared I was that I would lose “my edge” if I sought help. How I would be turned into one of these “losers” that I dealt with on a regular basis. There are losers to be sure – but on your show Friday, you PROVED you are not. You stood up and called it like it is – that is the Rush I have loved for, god, how many years now (we both are getting old). You have a tremendous amount of support behind you. From those who you know and those whom you don’t. At this point, that is probably little or no comfort. It will be soon.

I have sought help, and got help. It was not always easy, but I can say I am sharper now than I have ever been. There is no reason in the world to think you will be any different. I place you on a much higher pedestal than myself, but you know what you having this problem proves? The same thing a dear friend said to me when I got the guts to tell him what I had been going through. He shrugged and said, “Wow, you are human”. That was the long and short of it. You are human Rush, a very special and gifted one, but still human. That isn’t such a bad thing. Stay strong, give it a chance, give yourself a chance – you deserve it. We will all be here when you come back around.

Minneapolis, MN



We’re pulling for you! You’re in our prayers and thoughts we don’t want to lose you, and just admire you more for your courage and honesty!! We’re die-hard fans from Sacramento and always will be!

Jerry and Judy


Literally thousands of times my entire family has listened to you for wisdom, inspiration, and leadership. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you face this challenge in your life. Take the time you need to regain your physical and emotional health… we will be waiting for you with our support stronger than ever upon your return.
Gob Bless you and your family, my friend,
Wenatchee WA


Dear Rush,

You have touched my life and have been a major influence on the woman I have become today. I admire you for the man you are and there is no doubt in my mind you will overcome this addiction. Please stay positive and focused on the goal. Your 20 million family members are all praying for you.

Get well soon!
Alexandria, VA


I’m not only loyal to Rush, I’m loyal to the institution EIB, thus, loyal to the speakers that are helping Rush through this trying time.

Please do your best Rush to hang in here with us! I am prayerful on your behalf and even more so prayerful for the continued success of what you’ve played a major role in promoting, conservatism. I’ve often thought of the impact of PROPHETS in biblical literature on their societies, their culture and politics and believed that in our time, Rush Limbaugh is a PROPHET, a voice in the wilderness, kind of an embarrassment to the elitists, but a refreshing voice to the thirsty and a filling voice to the hungry. If, God willing not, Rush, you should have to be gone from us even longer than 30 days, I’m confident that the work you’ve begun will be carried on by your spawn, Sean Hannity and others. But, for your well-being even more than my longing, to hear you every day, I am prayerful.

God bless you every step of your journey.



Just a note to let you know I UNDERSTAND! I just hope you overcome this thing. I will be praying for you. The Lord Jesus Christ is fully able and EXTREMELY ready to help you. I am looking forward to the resumption of your “daily excursions into broadcast excellence”. Oh and by the way, thank you for taking responsibility for your actions- that’s being a real man!

Dave- Pittsburgh



When you are on the air, I must say that my favorite things to hear you talk about is the things you enjoy doing, and the times that you have fun just being you. The political stuff is always secondary to who you are. You have a valuable thought process to be sure, but you are a terrific human being.

God bless you sir, and rest assured that you will have my “Human of the Year” vote, no matter what profession you are in and what you do, I like you for you. Keep positive and compassionate, and damn their torpedoes!




I have been a listener since the ’80s and I will be here when you return. For now just focus on getting better, & we will hold down the home front for you & be here just as stronger, if not stronger just like you when you return!

God Bless you & God Bless America!

Get Well soon,
Kent, WA


Dear Maha Rushie:

This is merely a bump in the road. You will grow stronger in the healing process and come back even more fierce, more influential, and more loved. And we will be ready.

La Jolla, CA



In this most difficult time, you and your family are facing. Remember this one important fact. True friendship is defined by those who are there when times are the toughest. I am with you my friend. I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery. God speed Rush.


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